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5 Benefits You Need to Offer to Recruit Millennials

If you want to recruit millennials that are going to become business leaders in your organization, there are a few benefits to take into consideration to ensure you're attracting and retaining top talent. Consider adding these benefits to your roster...

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Hiring Remote Workers

Remote workers are quickly becoming a business necessity. Learn the benefits and process of hiring remote workers in today's work environment....

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Tweaking Your Employer Brand for Better Recruiting

We've talked about the ways you can improve your employer brand, but today, we want to talk specifically about the impact it has on recruiting....

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How Conversational Marketing Principles Can Be Applied to Recruitment

Mike Seidle, CEO & Co-Founder of WorkHere, shares how conversational recruiting tools help produce better results than a traditional qualification process....

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What is the Average Cost of Hiring a New Employee?

Table Of Contents 1Identifying Cost of Hiring New Employees2Streamline HR Processes To Cut Hiring Costs Onboarding sets the stage for your company’s relationship with a new employee. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHR...

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Designing a High-Impact Mentor Training Program for Increased ROI

Sarah Scala, founder of Sarah Scala Consulting, discusses all the different ways a mentorship program can impact your company’s ROI....

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Level Up! Gamification and HR

Mitchell Denton of Archy Learning & Gamify explains what gamification is and how gamified learning and operations can make work feel lighter....

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Make Your Business More Versatile With “On-Demand” Talent

In this episode we’ll talk with Greg Kihlström, CEO of CareerGig, about the process of hiring freelance workers and the benefits of doing so!...

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Talent Strategies That Can Make Your Company “Unquittable”

On this episode of ProjectHR, Jim Bitterle discusses his new book "Unquittable", and explains the talent strategies that can lead to success!...

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Onboarding Today: What’s In, What’s Out, What’s Next!

On this episode of ProjectHR, Anja Zojčeska explains what makes for successful employee onboarding, to keep new hires enthusiastic & engaged. ...

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Labor Relations Recruitment: Specialized Talent Demands A Specialized Search

On this episode of ProjectHR, Kate Jackson, Partner at Serrano Search, explains how they fill highly specialized labor relations jobs....

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Recruiting Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have To

On this episode of ProjectHR, Steve Lowisz talks about the importance of updating your recruitment strategy plan, and blasts some myths along the way!...

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