Managing Tough Conversations Business Training

Managing Tough Conversations

Business management training on how to have difficult conversations at work.

A unique and refreshing approach to handling what can be awkward situations in the workplace using lessons from experienced and successful improvisers.

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How To Train Your Employees To Have Difficult Conversations

Tough conversations are difficult! And the ones we avoid are often the most important and needed discussions. We’re all scared we’ll hurt someone’s feelings or that nothing will change. 

Whether you are delivering or receiving the difficult message, this interactive self-paced eLearning equips you with the ImprovEdge three-step proven framework for managing the most difficult, and often most important conversations.

Managing Tough Conversations eLearning gives you a process, tools and preparation to confidently prepare for, manage and conduct tough conversations. Better yet, everyone walks out with real, actionable steps to improve any situation.

How To Have Difficult Conversations With Employees

Course Benefits

Explore Effective and Positive Workplace Communication Techniques


Drive understanding of the importance of     in-the-moment coaching and confidence in uncomfortable situations  


Learn and practice a three-step process for having difficult conversations in the workplace that will result in positive progress


Learn four principles of ImprovEdge to be more flexible and adaptable in any unexpected situation or conversation. 

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  • Unlimited Users
  • 6 month license
  • Admin Dashboard

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How does my team/organization gain access?

Your subscription to Managing Touch Conversations allows for unlimited access to your organization. Participants can save progress to resume training on their schedule, either through the secure web-based portal or your organization's Learning Management System.

How long will this course take?

The full course is designed to be completed in approximately 60-75 minutes. This course is divided into bite-sized, 8-10 minute segments for viewing over multiple sessions. Activity and reflection time are built into the course.

What do Participants need to complete?

Access from anywhere, including laptop/computer, mobile phone or tablet (following your organization’s rules for training access). If viewing through the web-based portal, this course is compatible across major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)

What will the experience be like?

Managing Tough Conversations was designed to provide an interactive experience. The course uses video, role plays and reflection to engage participants and apply these principles in real-word situations. Closed captioning is accessible in the bottom left-hand corner of the course viewer.