Employee Engagement


Make Sure Your Team Members Feel Heard, Valued, And Connected.

Don't Let A Lack of Engagement Affect Your Bottom Line.

While every workforce has its nuances, low employee engagement is the common reason for:

Worker engagement

Advance the behavioral change you need with Projections' highly effective custom employee engagement resources, including videos, websites, eLearning, social media, texting and digital communications.

For over 40 years, Projections' employee communication resources have been trusted for welcoming new employees, sharing corporate social responsibility initiatives, rolling out benefits programs, setting safety standards, and more.

How engaged are your team members?

Over the past four decades, the Projections Method for improving employee engagement has helped thousands of companies - from more than half of the Fortune 100 to small family-owned businesses - master the art of creating employee advocates. 

You will receive an Engagement Score along with feedback to help you clearly see the strengths and opportunities in your current employee engagement strategy.


Positive Things Started To Happen

Showed the tapes to small groups as you'd suggested and positive things started to happen. A union leader said he had no idea how a union could stir up so much negative activity, and he said he was dropping out of trying to get the IBEW in. In short, it worked great! I was also impressed with your very rapid response to our needs.

Bob Fiesthumel - Thermo Instrument Systems

I'd still spend the money all over again!

I'd still spend the money all over again! Thanks for the follow up!

Bob Schroder

Worth It!

The feedback we received showed that the video was influential. It hit home and raised some good questions, helping employees arrive at a decision that wasn't just emotional! It was the worth the time, energy and money! In short it was a super video, and we certainly could not have asked for a better value or quicker response time on your part.

Samuel Watts - Atlantic Southeast Airlines

STILL Effective!

I showed our employee orientation video for what seemed like the four hundredth time yesterday, and I wanted to write and let you know that it is STILL effective! After viewing the presentation, our employees know what a good benefits program they have, they know what the rules are around here and what's expected of them, and, above all, they know why the company doesn't want a union here.

Ed Adamczyk - Claxton Poultry Farms

A true business partner!

Excellent video. Projections is a true business partner to companies who want to remain an employer of choice.


The Outcome Will Be Excellent

I have never worked with such pleasant, professional, and truly caring professionals. I know and trust that whenever we begin a project the outcome will be excellent. I have worked with many vendors through the years but none has so consistently been such a genuine pleasure with which to work.

Andy Meredith - FedEx Labor Relations

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Let me say the results of our benefits communication to our employees was very positive. As a team, Projections and Michelin, delivered good news to our employees about a complicated topic - communication that was understood, on time, and on budget. I thank your team for a job well done.

Jack Dixon - Michelin North America

The best I have ever worked with!

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I was with the professionalism, courteousness and dedication of your team while working on the Tenet video project. I have done a number of videos over the past 30 some-odd years and your team is without question the best I have ever worked with. From the beginning, you listened to our needs and put together a group of professionals that exceeded my expectations. Jacqui is beyond words: bright, creative, and committed to meeting the needs of the client. Keith is intense, creative and passionate about creating the right deliverable for us. Matt was creative and right there to provide the graphics we needed to increase the quality of our work. Chris was a great ambassador and host. All in all, I was so pleased with everything we did together and look forward to having the opportunity to work together again someday.

Thank you for everything

Frank Canonica - Tenet Healthcare

Surpassed all Expectations

Projections has always been great to work with. But this time you surpassed all expectations. We placed incredibly unreasonable demands on your team, and they delivered without flinching.

Labor & Employment Atttorney

You continue to get it right

After all these years, you continue to get it right. Thanks for the great job!

Pam Linebarier - University of South Florida

solid long-term reliable partner

LR tool and education sites for leadership and employees It has gone well...the team has been available (at any time), flexible (again when preferred), friendly and very accommodating. Know what you want and speak to your product dream...and they will make it come true. Only team up with them if you want a solid long-term reliable partner.

John Gresham

Exceeded Expectations

On behalf of the Honey Baked ham Company, I want to thank you for the outstanding work your company did on our training videos. Your team was extremely competent and professional. What impressed us most was your team's ability to take our initial thoughts and capture our vision to deliver our message in the precise format that is consistent with Honey Baked's culture. The end product exceeded our expectations.

Ami Huff - HoneyBaked Ham

You have again hit the mark!

Another great video from Projections. Everything you said is true and then some! Having used your products for years, you have again "hit the mark"!

Senior Vice President, Employee Experience

Couldn't Ask For More

Overall, I couldn't have asked for more! I get very positive comments when I'm showing it during training. I think the visual imagery helps their 'listening'; it's a real benefit.

James Young - Human Asset Management

An Essential Partner

Kudos to the team at Projections, Inc. for once again, proving to be an essential partner in our efforts to remain union free. I’ve been remarkably impressed with the responsiveness, quality of work, and commitment to providing customized solutions to meet our unique needs. I truly appreciate the fact that the Projections team consistently exceeds my already high expectations by delivering on their promises without excuses or surprises. They help make my job easier…so thank you!

Keith Wilson - Cox Communications

Very Realistic

I really liked the video. It didn't insult the employees intelligence - no heavy-handedness, no talking head. Also, compared to other videos, yours are very realistic.

Sylvia Miller - Gates Rubber

Keep doing what you're doing!

Working with the entire Projections team was a fantastic experience. They created a visually appealing, robust site for us that not only aligns with our vision, but even captures the "feel" of a typical Cox Communications site. I am extremely impressed with the entire Projections team.

Keith Wilson

It's about culture

With over 4 decades in this space, Projections is uniquely positioned to help employers maintain a direct relationship with their employees. Projections gets it right- it's about culture.

SVP Organizational Development

Wouldn't Have Done it Any Other Way!

It would have been close to impossible to convey the same amount of information in any other way and we certainly could not have held anyone's attention by simply talking to our employees!

Suzan Laycob - American Loose Leaf Business Products

Something our team can show with pride and confidence!

I'm so pleased with our new orientation video, it's something our team can show with pride and confidence, and it's a vital part of the strategy that's going to help us prevent unionization for years to come.


Great Experience

The final video - in large measure because of the professionalism and capabilities of your staff - was excellent. In addition they made the experience of completing the video easy!

Bruce Ainslie - Siemens Westinghouse

As effective today as the day you produced it for us!

Our custom-produced Labor Relations Orientation is as effective today as the day you produced it for us - it's truly the most powerful way to begin an open dialogue on the topic of unionization for new and long-term employees!

Director of Human Resources

Keeping it relevant

I wanted to thank you and your team for the level of customer service, responsiveness, professionalism in helping us tackle these topics as it relates to our business. Your partnership with us in applying all of these products towards our organizational needs has been outstanding!

Director HR

Employee involvement is critical

Right on. Employee involvement is critical. Studies of publicly traded companies show a deflation in net worth by 14 - 17% because of unionization.

Employee Relations Manager


Our award-winning employee communication resources are proven to create an involved and focused workforce that is less likely to turn to a union to address issues. 

Make sure your most important information is not just heard, but retained and put into action. 

Projections, Inc Production Set


Close knowledge gaps and create consistency in your company’s communication using custom-produced, award-winning videos. Our expert writers and producers create the vision for your message so you can quickly and efficiently get everyone on the same page and working collectively toward a common goal.

Projections, Inc Custom Website Development


Deliver vital information seamlessly and comprehensively to employees and leaders with a dedicated resource for targeted communication. Custom, highly effective websites align your workforce and provide team members with the facts they need and a direct connection to the company. 

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Ensure compliance and reinforce knowledge with interactive eLearning solutions for your workforce. We make eLearning entertaining and accessible with gamification options, choose your own adventure interactivity, micro-bursts of learning, downloads and more.