Little Card, Big Trouble Union Authorization Card Video

Stop Union Authorization
CARD SIGNING in 17 minutes.

Little Card, Big Trouble will educate employees, help them understand the power of a union authorization card, and show them how to protect their signature.

What Is A Union Authorization Card?

Union authorization cards are a powerful tool. They allow the union to petition the NLRB for an election at your company. Even more startling, with just 50% +1 of your employees' signatures, the union can ask to represent employees without ever having an election.

Little Card, Big Trouble

Open Their Eyes

Educate employees on what a union authorization card is and how union organizers gather signatures.

Get Them Thinking

Help employees understand what it means to sign a union authorization card (online or off).

Stop Card Signing

Show employees the value of their signature, as well as how to protect it.

Why Show A Video On Union Authorization Cards?

We know what employee disconnect looks like - that feeling of betrayal you get when you realize your employees are signing authorization cards... and the loss of control and panic your managers are feeling. The good news is that you can open employees' eyes, regain their trust, and stop card signing.

When you choose to show Little Card, Big Trouble, you'll accomplish all of this and more in just 17 minutes. Since the first version was produced in 1989, thousands of companies have relied on this one video to keep millions of employees union-free.  Little Card, Big Trouble works because it puts control back into the hands of the employees.

The longer you wait, the more signatures the union collects. If just 30% of your employees sign an authorization card, the union can file a petition with the NLRB for an election. If the union can convince 50% plus 1 employee to sign, they can ask for union recognition without ever having an election.

Stop the stress, eliminate the uncertainty.

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What HR & Labor Experts Are Saying

"I continually get pleasant comments regarding the 'look' of the Little Card Big Trouble video. Overall, I couldn't have asked for more! I get very positive comments when I'm showing it during training. I think the visual imagery helps their 'listening'; it's a real benefit."

-James Young, Labor & Employee Relations

" 'Little Card Big Trouble' was absolutely EXCELLENT! If we could have found out about this earlier and used this video, I'm sure we wouldn't have had an election."

-Susan Hess, General Manager

"After showing 'Little Card Big Trouble,' the client said that it really opened the workers' eyes."

-Attorney, Steel Industry


"I have been using 'Little Card Big Trouble' very heavily and really like it! I get good reactions, and it opens up a lot of questions from employees!"

-Consultant, Healthcare Industry

" 'Little Card Big Trouble' is very, very good. Very well done."

-Barbara, Nation Pizza Products

" 'Little Card Big Trouble' has had a very positive effect. It's really well done! We've shown it to about 250 employees so far and it's generated a lot of "re-thinking" on their part."

-Barry Bender, Centurion Industries

"The response we're getting is that "Little Card Big Trouble" was very informative. It did what we wanted it to do -  it created lots of questions from our employees."

-David Julke, Jennie-O Foods


Do you know the true cost of a union organizing campaign? Do your employees know that your direct connection with them means money in their pockets? Do you understand what active union authorization card signing is doing to your engagement efforts? The loss of trust that comes from even just a short union organizing drive can affect the morale of employees, damaging long-term productivity.

Little Card, Big Trouble

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