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Interactive Union Avoidance Leadership Training

If an employee approaches their supervisor and says, “My neighbor works down the street -  where they just got a union - and now she’s making 75 cents an hour more! I think a union could really help us out around here, what do you think?”

Would your front line leader know what to say?

WiseWords puts your supervisors into these difficult situations, prepares them to answer real-world questions, and practice their responses prior to ever encountering these situations.

Manager Training On Union Avoidance

Empower Your Leaders to Answer the Tough Questions 

WiseWords is focused on what your supervisors should listen for (even before a union campaign begins), and how to respond to keep team members union-free. 

Supervisors begin by talking with employees

Five learning scenarios kick off the training - do your leaders know what to say?

Refresh them on the rules

Make sure TIPS and FOE aren’t just rhetoric, here your front-line leaders put them into practice

Stay within the law, answer with confidence

Once supervisors have practiced, we put that knowledge to the test, creating behavioral change that lasts a lifetime.

Wise Words eLearning Devices

Do Your Leaders Know What To Say?

WiseWords teaches managers what to say to address these tough employee questions

"Justin and Marci want me to sign a union authorization card. What should I do?


"My hours and work schedule have become too unpredictable. I heard the union can do something about that, so I'm thinking of going to the union meeting tonight and seeing what they have to offer?"


"Someone was telling me about the advantages of being in a union - like more money in my paycheck, job security, and benefits. I've got to admit, I like some of what they said a union could do around here."


"Hey, some of the team members are meeting up with a rep from the union at Ted's Place on Friday. I'm interested to see what they offer. Just thought you might want a heads up."


" I heard today from some of the union supporters that all employees in the bargaining unit will get a wage increase, over a dollar an hour."


Offer training that is both educational and actionable! Show supervisors how they can put the knowledge you’ve given them into action by choosing their WiseWords carefully.

WiseWords Pricing

If you've already trained supervisors on the basics of union avoidance, you can choose to invest in WiseWords as stand-alone training.

Or, if you need the basics and want your supervisors to put that knowledge into action, choose the bundle!


Turn knowledge into action and protect your company from third-party interference!

  • Hosted For You OR On Your Own LMS
  • Unlimited learners
  • Completion Reporting
  • Professionally-produced videos
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Reinforces TIPS & FOE
  • Dozens of practice conversations
  • Personal Opinion Statement
  • Employee Rights


Annual License


Includes everything in WiseWords PLUS

  • Additional Classroom option 
  • Pre- and Post- Tests
  • Preserving Your Union-Free Status
  • Power of a Positive Workplace
  • How Unions Change Workplaces
  • Recognizing and Responding to Union Activity
  • Organizing Campaign Basics
  • Campaign-Readiness

Comprehensive Training!


Annual License


What is union avoidance training?

Union avoidance training is learning and development intentionally centered around maintaining a direct connection with team members. In the past, too many companies waited to react to union organizing activity. At that point, it was often too late to address the issues that mattered most to employees. Today, employee relations experts recommend training front-line supervisors on the importance of maintaining a direct connection. This concept is at the forefront of the Proactive Era, and the combination of LaborWise Leadership and WiseWords is a huge advance in the accessibility of union avoidance training.

How do organizations prevent unions from forming?

Today's forward thinking employers don't focus on preventing a union, the smarter investment is creating a culture and a workplace where unions just aren't necessary. This may include employee surveys and assessments, teamwork initiatives and other organizational development strategies. Training supervisors is one of the most important elements of creating this UnionProof Culture.

How Do WiseWords and LaborWise Leadership work together?

LaborWise Leadership provides your front-line leaders with the foundational knowledge they need - without overwhelming them with legalese that gets in the way of great employee relationships. LaborWise Leadership should be provided to your leaders first, and WiseWords can follow. No matter if you use them days, weeks, months or even years apart, WiseWords will reinforce the knowledge LaborWise provides, helping your supervisors think on their feet and answer tough questions about unionization.

Can I use this as Classroom Training?

LaborWise Leadership was designed to be incredibly flexible! As eLearning, we can host LaborWise for you, or you can place it on your own LMS. It's also available with a facilitator's guide, if you prefer to deliver it in a classroom setting.

WiseWords is available only as eLearning, as the interactive scenarios are more powerful when learners are tasked with responding individually. In this case, "groupthink" can cause your supervisors to think less and learn less when others in a classroom provide answers.

Can I put WiseWords eLearning on my own LMS?

Yes! Both LaborWise Leadership and  WiseWords are available to be licensed annually on your own LMS.

How many supervisors can I train for this price?

No surprises here! One annual licensing fee covers every supervisor in your organization for an entire year. No matter if you promote, hire, add, or remove leaders, your annual investment never changes.