LEAD Academy Leadership Training

Powerful Leadership Workshop


A robust in-person and virtual leadership workshop that delivers the skills today’s leaders need.

The Practical Skills Leaders Need

LEAD Academy is a series of hands-on leadership workshops for small groups of leaders; an intensive six-session, 12-module training experience, delivered virtually or in person. LEAD Academy uses innovative tools and experiential learning to empower recently hired, newly appointed or previously untrained leaders to better understand and use their strengths to support the organization’s growth. 

In-Person Leadership Training & Consulting
Qualities That Make Great Leaders

Are Your Leaders Ready?

Too often, our team members move into leadership positions because they’re good at their job - not because they have the skills needed to lead others. Our guide will help you see the potential in the skillset of your most valued employees to guide them to success.

LEAD Academy Leadership Workshops Include

  • The Basics
  • Advanced

The BASICS leadership workshop empowers recently hired, newly appointed or previously untrained leaders to better understand and use their strengths.

  1. From Manager to Leader

  2. Leading People Differently

  3. Leadership Communication

  4. Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

  5. Coaching Employees To Higher Performance

  6. Leading Through Change

  7. Building and Leading Effective Teams

  8. Planning and Running Effective Meetings

  9. Organizational Policies

Ready To Get Started?

LEAD Academy leadership workshop sessions (whether virtual or in-person) are 2.5 hours long and include highly interactive discussions and materials that include slides, a workbook, videos, job aids, coaching guides and periodic reminders of the material. 

So choose your topics, choose your participants, and let us do the rest! We’ll even have participants complete an online evaluation so you’ll have full visibility to the feedback your leaders provide!

Leadership Resources

Get access to the most comprehensive leadership resource library available. Regularly updated with the latest topics, continuous leadership development is at your fingertips.