podcast episode ont he great resignation with steve dion


Founder and CEO of Dion Leadership, Steve Dion, discusses The Great Resignation movement and how employers can better understand what today’s employees want and need.

Mitigating The Great Resignation

Founder and CEO of Dion Leadership, Steve Dion, discusses The Great Resignation movement and how employers can better understand what today's employees want and need....

Employer of Choice, Positive Employee Relations

How Amazon Stayed Union-Free in Bessemer, Alabama: A Case Study

It's well known that Amazon stayed union-free when employees in Bessemer, Alabama, didn't vote to unionize in early 2021. It was a definitive vote, too, with 738 employees voting for the union and 1,798 workers voting against it. To date, Amazon has ...

Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

How to Make a Crisis Communication Plan

Your organization never knows when a crisis can threaten your company’s reputation, employee engagement, and the trust of stakeholders. That fact alone directs the need for a crisis communication plan because a crisis can quickly spiral into devast...

Employee Communication, Positive Employee Relations

Am I Prepared for Union Organizing?

Is your company prepared for union organizing activity? Your company is more vulnerable to unionizing than may be apparent at a glance, which is why it’s time to take a deeper look into your organization’s status. You want to look for things like...

Leadership Training, Prevent Union Organizing

Becoming an Employer of Choice: The Employee Engagement Journey

The employee engagement journey goes through stages of pre-hire awareness, orientation, honeymoon, comfort, discomfort, and resolution, with the employee becoming an advocate for the employer in the end. After the honeymoon stage and beginning with...

Employee Communication, Employer of Choice

Unleashing the Transformative Potential of HR

HR is a critical element in any business, but often goes underappreciated. Perry Timms joins us to discusses how transformational HR practices can alleviate this issue....

Team Building

12 Signs That You’re A Remarkably Good Leader

Here are twelve signs that show you're not only a leader, but a remarkably good leader....

Leadership Training, Team Building

Preparing for Union Contract Negotiations

When it’s time for new union contract negotiations, the stress level goes up several notches, and your leaders’ training on maintaining positive employee relations is put to the test....

Positive Employee Relations, Union Campaign Communication

Establishing Your Corporate Vaccination Policy

Megan Mitchell, a Senior Communications Consultant for IRI Consultants, explains how to build and communicate your ideal corporate vaccination policy....

Corporate Compliance, Labor Law

Building a Culture with Intent

Your organizational culture is the glue that holds people together as they work towards achieving shared goals. It is the collection of shared values, underlying beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that drive team members' best practices and be...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

How to Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

That's the purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan – to make your efforts intentional and engaging for employees, moving beyond words to make diversity and inclusion a reality for employees. ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building

6 Labor Relations Trends Heading into 2022

Getting a handle on what we know now about labor relations trends in the coming year, and developing and implementing a strategic employee relations response, can mitigate some of the turmoil and reduce vulnerability to union organizing, so your busi...

Leadership Training, Positive Employee Relations

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