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Intentional Integrity

Becoming Intentional About Corporate Integrity (Guest: Rob Chesnut)

On this episode of ProjectHR, former Airbnb Chief Ethics Officer & author Rob Chesnut explains how companies can become more intentional about integrity.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

“Eat, Sleep, Innovate” – Creating a Culture of Innovation (Guest: Natalie Painchaud)

On this episode of ProjectHR, author Natalie Painchaud explains how to encourage the growth of a culture of innovation in your workplace!

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Can I Stop Tension-Filled Political Discussions in the Workplace?

At a management meeting, one of your leaders shares that she heard several of her employees having a political discussion about a candidate’s support for the Pro Act (H.R.2474 – Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019). She shared that the discussion turned into a conversation about the company’s contract workers gaining the right to bargain […]

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employee handbook examples

Drafting The Modern Employee Handbook (Guest: Ryan Golden)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Ryan Golden, a reporter with HR Dive talks about modern employee handbooks, and why yours likely needs updating.

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Communicating Employee Benefits to Enhance Relationships with your Employees

It’s critical to appropriately communicate employee benefits changes and packages with your workforce in a concise, understandable way and clearly explains everything in detail to your staff. While we’ve written about employee benefits before, communication in the workplace is changing rapidly

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback (and Other Dirty Words): Why We Fear It, How to Fix It (Guest: M. Tamra Chandler)

On this episode of ProjectHR, M. Tamra Chandler, author of Feedback (and Other Dirty Words) discusses ways we can fix the feedback process.

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benefits of maintaining an open-door policy

The Benefits of Maintaining an Open-Door Policy

There are many benefits to maintaining an open-door policy, but it’s not as simple as telling your employees the door is open. The door needs to swing in both directions! Unfortunately, we’ve seen many companies perpetuate an open-door policy that still end up succumbing to union organizing efforts. It mustn’t be simply a policy, but a real thing. Leaders need to invite interaction, proactively ask employees what their thoughts are, and build a deep level of employee trust that solicits feedback and addresses any potential concerns.

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HR Policies and Procedures

How Do I Ensure My HR Policies and Procedures Don’t (Unintentionally) Break Any Laws?

Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures are the heart of an organization’s equitable treatment of employees and the basic starting point for employee engagement. They must be legal, fair, thorough and unbiased. It’s an enormous challenge to meet these requirements in a business world where each generation has different expectations. In addition, government laws and regulations regularly change.

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ways to improve employee relations

Best Practices in Employee Relations: Lowe’s (Guest: Stephanie Miller)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Stephanie Miller, Director of Employee Relations (US) for Lowe’s explains how they handle this critical topic.

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What Type of Employee Engagement Surveys Are Most Effective Today?

You may wonder which type of employee engagement survey may be most effective in today’s climate. It’s a relatively simple question, but it doesn’t have the most straightforward answer. It’s not exactly easy to measure employee engagement, and it will depend on several factors, including your unique organization, the size of your company, and others. “Employee engagement” tends to be a buzzword among most HR professionals, and for a good reason.

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