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Your supervisors probably never stand still, with a clear focus on the company's goals, it's their job to motivate and inspire their team members to achieve the highest performance. But sometimes, in the face of those objectives, their leadership skills can falter. 

Online leadership training is the powerful solution that allows managers to enhance their skills any time, anywhere. Create leaders people love with

  • Labor Relations eLearning for supervisors
  • Leadership lessons in motivation & productivity
  • Skills to support employee needs
  • Up to the minute Company information
  • Two-way communication tools

Choose our pre-produced training to get started quickly, or let us customize your leader training to meet your needs.

retail leader training

LaborWise Leadership

Your managers know that keeping the company union-free is part of their job... right? Now, provide the knowledge they need to understand how important their role is in maintaining a direct connection with employees.

LaborWise Leadership is the only online labor relations training for supervisors that reinforces the power of a positive workplace and teaches what can happen in a campaign. Give them the skills they need, without missing a beat. 

Available online, wherever your leaders are.

A Better Leader: Alignment That Works

leader alignment

Fresh new leadership development every month!

Online Leadership Training

A Better Leader provides you with the ability to deliver consistent leadership skills across your entire organization, with topics like Diversity & Inclusion, Productivity, Time Management, Implicit Bias, Work-Life Balance, and more!

unionproof certification

UnionProof Certification

Prepare your HR team to respond in the event of union organizing activity - and empower them to make excellent decisions.
 UnionProof Certification is comprehensive online training that covers everything from how unions spend their money to what to do in the event of union card signing activity.

  • 24 self-paced, online modules
  • Robust companion workbook
  • Short video lessons
  • Links to additional videos and resources
  • Knowledge quizzes

Course has been excellent!

The first six weeks of the UnionProof Certification course has been excellent. Coverage of the topics are very thorough, the video lessons are concise, informative and relevant, and the supplemental reading is an excellent compliment to the materials. The homework takes some time to complete but it's an investment in yourself and your organization because it is giving you a solid foundation for creating or building your union-free plan. I thought I knew quite a bit about labor unions and union organizing but I'm happy to say I've learned a lot so far and am looking forward to the remainder of the certification program!

Great Product

A Better Leader is a great product! Please add a refresher module on the Respectful Workplace!

Very informative!

The course is very informative! It is giving me the tools to understand why Unions exist and the implication it brings to have a unionized company. The host is very pleasant and does a very good job explaining each subject. The links that are provided are full of information that helps me understand in depth the concept that is taught. It is a lot of information to digest. I am truly looking forward to learn everything that the course offers!

Monthly Lunch And Learn

We use A Better Leader with Managers and Supervisors as a monthly "lunch and learn."

You continue to get it right

After all these years, you continue to get it right. Thanks for the great job!

You have again hit the mark!

Another great video from Projections. Everything you said is true and then some! Having used your products for years, you have again "hit the mark"!

Learn from some great experts

A great course that not only shares knowledge but also provides tools to actually put a plan in place. If you are new to employee relations or want to deepen your knowledge and learn from some great experts - this is a great way to do it.

Great Experience

The final video - in large measure because of the professionalism and capabilities of your staff - was excellent. In addition they made the experience of completing the video easy!

A Better Leader

I have employees all over the country with different types of jobs, varying work schedules, and no training budget. The distribution for A Better Leader could not be easier! Every lesson is of great quality. They provide excellent concept introduction for new leaders, without talking down to seasoned ones. I pick up good reminders every time I watch one!

I'd still spend the money all over again!

I'd still spend the money all over again! Thanks for the follow up!

Surpassed all Expectations

Projections has always been great to work with. But this time you surpassed all expectations. We placed incredibly unreasonable demands on your team, and they delivered without flinching.

a great addition to management tools

What a great addition to management tools for building a positive workplace. Tons of information here, not to mention the use of technology to deliver on-demand training for managers when they can focus.

Communication is Key

Excellent! Great video with good information and advice for all company leaders, no matter what industry. I agree...communication is key.

Love the supplemental reading!

I like the way the course content has been broken down. The session homework assignments reinforce the session information in respect to the specific union(s) we may be facing. I love, love the supplemental reading materials and the glossary of terms and the office hours.

A true business partner!

Excellent video. Projections is a true business partner to companies who want to remain an employer of choice.

It's about culture

With over 4 decades in this space, Projections is uniquely positioned to help employers maintain a direct relationship with their employees. Projections gets it right- it's about culture.

HR Business Partner
Philip Peters Optical Cable Corporation
HR Generalist
Bonnie Turner Elkhart Plastics, Inc.
Pam Linebarier University of South Florida
Senior Vice President, Employee Experience
Manager, Employee Experience
Bruce Ainslie Siemens Westinghouse
Patricia Moody SSI Schaefer Systems International Inc.
Bob Schroder
Labor & Employment Atttorney
CHRO, Health Care System
VP HR, Manufacturing
Labor Relations Manager
SVP Organizational Development

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