Tweaking Your Employer Brand for Better Recruiting

Why are so many skilled professionals clamoring to land a job with companies like Facebook and Google? While yes, these companies appear stable and lucrative, there is something much bigger fueling interest: their employer brands. The perks, the opportunities, the flexibility and the social environment - these are the factors job seekers want to hear about. So if your company isn't attracting quite the right candidates or if your retention rates are lower than you'd prefer, consider tweaking your employer brand.

There's a lot that goes into your employer brand, and it's important to your company, your reputation, and your culture for a multitude of reasons. We've talked about the ways you can improve your employer brand, but today, we want to talk specifically about the impact it has on recruiting.

What is An Employer Brand?

To put it simply, your employer brand consists of everything about your company's reputation, the culture, and the employee experience. It's the essence of what makes your company unique, but specifically among your current (and past) employees, and the recruiting and hiring processes your company has in place. It will significantly impact your ability to attract, hire, and retain the talented job candidates you're looking for.

Why Your Brand is Important

No false advertising here. Just start providing an honest look at your company's work environment. That's why it's key to focus on the Employee Engagement Journey and help prospective employees understand what it means to become a vital part of your team.

While each job and each person is on a unique path, clearly defining what your employer brand promises can go a long way toward establishing trust. You might publish pictures from an office party or a sneak peek at employees collaborating on a new product. Just make sure the kind of content you publish aligns with how your company presents its brand identity and values.

Consider recruiting current employees to participate in communicating your employer brand. While you can talk about how wonderful the company is all day long, seeing social media posts or reading blogs from employees themselves often creates a stronger image of work culture.

How Your Brand Impacts Recruiting

Since your current employees and their experience in your organization help make up your employer brand, it's important to address how your brand will impact your recruiting strategy. With forums such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn, employees can leave anonymous reviews about everything from your interview process, onboarding, new-hire orientation, recognition efforts, benefits and compensation, etc. for potential job candidates to see. This means there is simply no hiding when it comes to your brand. Prospective employees can get an immediate and in-depth look at what it's like to work for your company with a few simple clicks.

Consider some of the following statistics from a list compiled by Glassdoor:

  • 89% of job seekers believe it’s important for an employer to have a clear mission and purpose — one that’s easy to find on a job posting.
  • 79% of job seekers will consider a company’s mission before applying.
  • 66% of employees find "motivation" in a company’s mission, and 64% attribute their company’s mission to the main reason they stay in their current jobs.
  • Culture and values accounts for 22% of employee satisfaction in the U.S.
  • 53% of job seekers look for company information on job search websites, such as Glassdoor. They also hear about companies through word of mouth (43%), professional networking sites (35%), and social media or personal networking (32% each).

This breaks down fairly simply. More than half of those seeking employment in your organization are going to look at Glassdoor to see what people are saying about working there. Your values and your company mission will be a major determining factor of whether or not they'll consider applying.

Becoming An Employer of Choice

There are a few key factors that will propel your brand from anonymity to popularity. As these factors are reiterated and established over time, candidates will come to trust your brand.

Being an "employer of choice" requires that you think of "compensation" as more than just wages paid. For a company with a strong employer brand and reputation, compensation includes the full range of benefits an employees enjoy. Broaden that scope to include things that move team members along in their journey with the company, including skill-building workshops, work-from-home opportunities, work-life balance, and bonding and networking internally with co-workers. Be sure to present the full range of compensation (your employer brand) to candidates, as few will be fully aware.

Another thing to remember is to keep your compensation package open and adaptable. As you communicate more with employees, you may find that certain benefits need to be tweaked, added, or removed to be sure the brand is supporting their journey.

Communicate Your Employer Brand

One of the most powerful forces that will make you an employer of choice is word of mouth. Your current employees are the best spokespersons for your brand - both during and after their time with you. Thus it is critical to continuously check in on employee engagement. Keep the lines of communication open so when a change needs to happen, employees have no problem talking to you about it.

Consider creating a "pre-hire orientation" message that will communicate all that is expected of employees. This way, your recruiting efforts have a better chance of resonating with the right candidates. If an applicant sees something they don't like in the pre-hire orientation process, they (and you) know your company isn't a fit for them.

Build a network of trust both within and outside of your company, and your brand reputation will shine through everything else. As Lindsay Nahmiache, co-founder of Jive PR eloquently phrased it in Forbes, "Building a network is a gradual process that takes months and sometimes years to pay off. It consists of continually providing support and value in two-way relationships."

Next Steps

If you're struggling to move your employer brand in the right direction, and could use some help with custom video solutions, new-hire orientation, or employee onboarding, look no further. Projections has had decades of experience working with helping organizations to build better leaders, improve engagement, and keep organizations union-free. Our resources have been trusted for welcoming new employees, sharing corporate social responsibility initiatives, rolling out benefits programs, setting safety standards, and more. It's an easy process to get started today.

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