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When you earn your UnionProof Certification, you'll become a trusted labor relations source your company can turn to. From the basics to building a true UnionProof strategy, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead in HR and Labor Relations.

PLUS earn 24 SHRM/HRCI credits!

Union Organizing Can Make Companies Feel Powerless & Vulnerable - UnionProof Certification Will Fix That

The potential for union organizing is something every company must be keenly aware of. And when a union is actively asking employees for signatures and support, fear and stress can quickly take over. Get proactive and gain the skills you need to prevent unionization and build a UnionProof culture.

For most leaders in charge of maintaining their company's union-free environment, labor relations training has been by fire or osmosis. And for some, training came right in the middle of an organizing campaign - giving them little to no shot at remedying the problem. 

Additionally, the extensive labor knowledge required to achieve a successful, union-free workplace is daunting. Facing labor lawyers, union reps, consultants, and peers without the proper understanding of how unions work can be difficult and embarrassing. 

UnionProof Certification will give you the knowledge you need to be prepared in any labor relations discussion or situation.

UnionProof Certification Course

UnionProof Certification is an online course complete with 24 lessons broken into 6 learning units. Each of the 24 lessons provides one hour of SHRM/HRCI recertification credit. When you get certified,  you'll have the ability to address every area of labor relations you need to develop your UnionProof culture and become your company's full-stack, labor relations professional.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you enroll in the course, you'll immediately receive instructions on how to login and begin. Each of the 24 self-paced lessons are accessed through your unique dashboard. Inside the dashboard, you'll view each lesson's video, download the coordinating workbook, and take the follow-up quiz to test your understanding. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll achieve your mastery certification.

Convenient Virtual e-Learning

Participation in this course is 100% virtual and at your own pace. You will have access to the entire course as soon as you sign up and can stream the content across multiple devices - anytime, anywhere.

Earn Accreditation

Projections is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. Upon completion, you will receive 24 hours of recertification credit - one hour for each lesson completed.

Bring Value To Your Company

Quickly become the most knowledgable labor relations professional in the room and lead your company's efforts in creating a culture where employees feel supported and unions simply aren't necessary.

Expand Your Education

With a certificate of mastery in union-proofing a company, you're building up your resume. Supervisors and HR professionals with labor relations experience are invaluable assets, as they improve company culture and safeguard against unionization.

Here’s what people are saying about

UnionProof Certification

UnionProof Certification Graduate Lisa Green

Lisa Green

Easily Broken Down With Additional Resources

"I like the way the course content has been broken down. The session homework assignments reinforce the session information in respect to the specific union(s) we may be facing. I love, love the supplemental reading materials and the glossary of terms and the office hours."

UnionProof Certification Graduate Sulmy Contreras

Sulmy Contreras

Informative and In-Depth

"The course is very informative! It gave me the tools to understand why Unions exist and the implication it brings to have a unionized company. The host is very pleasant and does a very good job explaining each subject. The links that are provided are full of information that helps me understand, in depth, the concept that is taught. It is a lot of information to digest. I am truly looking forward to learn everything that the course offers!"

Marsha Zimmerman

Marsha Zimmerman

More To Learn Than You Think

"The UnionProof Certification course has been excellent. I thought I knew quite a bit about labor unions and union organizing but I'm happy to say I've learned a lot so far and am looking forward to the remainder of the certification program!"

Here's a peek inside the course

UnionProof Certification is a 6-unit course with individual lessons on all of the most important labor relations topics. Here's a breakdown of each unit:


Unit 1: The History of Unions

Before you can understand the culture of organized labor, you've got to understand how that culture developed. Who are these unions, where did they come from, and how do their origins affect how they operate today? In this opening unit, we'll answer all of these questions and outline the UnionProof Journey so you can articulate the role your team plays in it. We'll also determine which unions you should focus your energy on so you can deploy a FOCUSED communication strategy the right way, the first time.


Unit 2: Why Become UnionProof?

Most businesses have some understanding of the challenges unionization can bring, but very few have insight into how intentionally remaining union free positively impacts the company. That's where you come in. In these sessions, you'll gain specific tools to help your company focus on becoming UnionProof while simultaneously reducing overall risk of third-party involvement in the business.


Unit 3: Organized Labor - An Inside Look

Intimate knowledge of how organized labor operates isn't an "optional extra" to be gained on the fly... it's an essential aspect of any labor relations professional's ability to create a truly UnionProof company. In this unit, you'll get our exclusive insight into the nature of the business of unions, including a deep dive into their finances and constitutions, and how easy it is for union leaders to become corrupt. Plus, you'll gain an insider's perspective on the National Labor Relations Board.


Unit 4: An Inside Look At Organized Labor

In this unit, we talk about how, order to protect workers, the National Labor Relations Act was passed and with its passage, the National Labor Relations Board was formed.  We also gain insight into how unions work by looking at their finances. We'll also talk about the union's constitution and what it says and does. We touch briefly on the responsibilities of each entity and how unions work and operate their businesses.


Unit 5: Organizing

Companies today must have strategic plans that address the very real possibility of organizing activity if they truly want to create a UnionProof culture. In this unit, you’ll learn the three ways a union can get into a company. Plus, you’ll gain the skills you need to help the company recognize organizing (even in its most subtle forms), take action through excellent communication, and how to avoid even the possibility of legal issues… without breaking the bank.


Unit 6: Getting UnionProof

Thanks to an ever-changing political landscape, organized labor has successfully altered the way workers receive information on unionization, and most importantly, they have limited the way companies are able to communicate on this topic. UnionProof companies must learn to adapt to these changes and put plans in place to educate, engage, and listen to employees. In this unit, you’ll learn the importance of assessing your company’s vulnerability to organizing, and how to set the expectations for a UnionProof culture that will resonate throughout the company. You’ll also gain practical proactive and preventive tools that work today and will continue to work tomorrow.

Don’t wait! Look at what others are saying about this certification course...

Karen Lawrence

Karen Lawrence

SHRM & HRCI credits

I have always considered Projections the authority on labor relations training for HR. They have provided the professional resources to protect businesses for many years. I'm excited about the opportunity to get both SHRM and HRCI credits. It is one thing to know what you should do, and another to be able to prove that you can.


Ted DiBiase

Should Be Considered "Mandatory"

As Employee Relations /Labor Relations leaders, this message should be considered “mandatory” for all organizations large to small—exec to entry leaders need to understand the importance of constantly assessing their workforce’s levels of engagement. Always sustaining and looking for ways to improve. The course articulates, in a clear, concise manner the merits of this positive culture work and the real pitfalls when focus here is lost. Well done!

Bob R. Morton

Outstanding Work

The more of these tools you create and the more employers make use of them the less likely guys like me will get that panic phone call that goes something like, "I just got a letter from the NLRB saying that a union has filed a petition for a union representation election! What do I do now?" All joking aside, outstanding work!

Become The Most Trusted Labor Relations Professional In The Room

This course is for...

  • Labor relations professionals looking to get an edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace.
  • Traditional human resources professionals looking to get up-to-speed on labor relations.
  • Leader of a human resources or labor relations team, looking for strategies to build a UnionProof culture without spending a fortune.
  • Business owners looking to stay union-free for the long-term.

The Cost of Certification vs. The Cost of Inaction

The true costs are often found in not having a UnionProof culture. How much is lack of engagement costing you? How many employees would sign a union authorization card if approached today? How many reasonable efforts by upper management fall on deaf ears or are met with suspicion from employees? What would an organizing campaign cost you, not just in dollars, but in time, energy, and stress?  

The truth is, you may already be paying a great deal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my certification?

On average, each of the 24 lessons should take about an hour. So, if you’ve got an hour a week to devote to it, it will take you 6 weeks. If you’ve got an hour a day, you’ll finish in one month. And if you’re really ambitious, you could knock it out in a day. But we don’t recommend that. At all. Please eat and sleep during your Certification.

How do I advance from lesson to lesson?

Once you complete the lesson, simply click to take the quiz. Under your quiz, you’ll see a “Mark This Lesson Complete” button. Click that to unlock the next lesson!

Can I skip over lessons if I already know the material?

UnionProof Certification is meant to be completed as a masterclass. Therefore, the material ahead relies on the lessons behind. You may think you know everything there is to know about union finances, but if you aren’t sure what’s on an LM2, you’ll miss a vital part of your training.

Do I really need the workbook?

The workbook is an integral part of your training. The online lessons are general in nature (such as learning about what a Solicitation and Distribution policy is and how it can be important to remaining union-free). The workbook will bring that lesson home and ask you to make it relevant for your organization (such as finding your Policy in your Handbook and checking to see if it is sound enough to withstand an organizing drive). Once you’ve completed your Certification, your completed workbook will serve as a robust and incredibly useful resource, always at your fingertips for reference.

What if I have both represented employees AND employees we want to remain union-free?

The knowledge you gain during UnionProof Certification will help you support both groups. As you become well-versed in understanding the NLRB, how unions work, their history, and how they interact with companies today, including decertification, you’ll have a great foundation to support those represented employees. At the same time, you’ll gain strategic ways you can provide non-union employees with the tools and resources they need to maintain a direct relationship with management.

How do I get my SHRM credits?

Once you complete your final exam, we’ll send you your Certificate, as well as all the information you need to use your credits toward recertification.

What if I have a technical issue?

The UnionProof team is always here for you - simply chat in right there on the page, email, or give us a call at 877-448-9741 and we’ll be happy to help.