Three Vital (and Revealing!) Questions To Ask When Hiring A Remote Worker

A recent study covered by the Harvard Business Review demonstrated that taking on remote workers doesn’t just save businesses money – it can also lead to increased productivity and a happier workforce. With studies like this illuminating the benefits of remote workers, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are coming to rely on them for all or part of their business. That means leaders must be trained in hiring and working with team members they don’t see on a daily basis.

Hiring and leading remote workers can be a daunting task. How can you make an effective hiring decision when your new employee might well be on another continent? A Better Leader is here to help you through this process with three questions that you should ask any remote worker you intend to hire.

1. What Hours Do You Work?

This might seem like a strange question, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll be hiring someone who lives and works in a different time zone than you. Use the interview to work out when and how you can speak to them if you need to, and whether they’ll be available at key times for your business.

2. What Software Do You Use?

When hiring a remote worker, one thing you definitely want is someone competent with technology. Asking them to talk about what software they use is a good way to check that you’re on the same page and that they’ll be able to handle the work you have in mind!

You may also wish to ask about time-tracking software and productivity apps. Although not all workers use these, leading remote workers who are familiar with them can provide you with evidence that your remote worker knows how to manage their time productively and keep things on track.

3. What Do You Do When There’s a Problem?

Any remote worker you hire will probably be working alone — and won’t be able to rely on colleagues or other in-office staff to help resolve minor issues. It’s crucial, therefore, to ask about how they might tackle any issues that arise.

Will they keep you informed? Will they be able to diagnose and fix minor technological problems without assistance? Are they savvy enough to learn the processes and workflows they’ll need without too much guidance?

Leading Remote Workers Can be Taught

As a leader, there’s no reason to be nervous about taking on a remote worker — by making sure to ask the three questions above, you can hire with confidence. And when it comes to managing and motivating remote workers, you can brush up on all the skills and expertise you’ll need in the new eLearning module from A Better Leader.

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