Custom Employee Websites

custom website DEVELOPMENT

Build a Union Proof culture today.

Engage employees and their families in your positive employee relations strategy with a custom website.

Websites That Build Your UnionProof Culture

Prepare for union organizing, educate and inform throughout the campaign itself, or stay in touch during contract negotiations - we've got the tools you need to make your online communications a success.

Mobile Friendly Employee Websites by Projections, Inc

Your Employee-Facing Custom Website

Your employee website for crisis preparedness - what we call a dark website - is built as fail-safe, to be turned into a live site at a moment's notice in the event it’s necessary. 

You may also choose to create a live website for employee reference at any time. 

Elements of your website include your union-free philosophy, union-specific information, based on the most current LM2's, interactive calculators, two-way Q&A, campaign and voting information and more.

Your Launch & Engagement Kit

No matter how Projections develops your employee website, you also get our robust Launch and Engagement toolkit, designed to help you launch your site and engage employees, right from the start. Get and keep the attention of employees and the all-important secondary audience at home with our 9 exclusive elements for marketing your site internally.


Video Postcard

Your included launch & engagement kit begins with a custom video postcard, introducing team members and their families to the website and its purpose.


Sample Letter to Homes 

Provide all the information team members need to access the site, making sure family members are aware of the facts you're providing.


Talking Points for Launch Meeting

Kickoff the site by pointing out the vital basics. These talking points make sure you're never at a loss for words


Email & Social Media Swipe File

Keep the momentum going by reminding associates where to go for the information they need.


Employee Privacy Info

With this statement, you can reassure employees and their families that you have their security in mind, even as the company communicates online.


Printable Wallet Cards

Keep the site info handy with printable wallet cards for leaders and employees. Download this template, print and distribute your cards.


Digital Signage

CCTV can be a great way to regularly remind employees of the information and facts you're providing. These templates make it easy



Keep a good thing going with these great ideas on ways to update your website throughout the campaign.



Kick it old school with these great poster ideas for printing locally and hanging in the facility, to remind team members to visit your website often.

See The Sites In Action

Ready to learn what these custom-built sites can do for your organization? We’d love to share some examples, highlight best practices and explore your specific needs!

Develop a powerful online communication platform so your workforce feels more connected to each other - and to your business.