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Imagine what could happen if you had an effective online leadership training system in place. You may have wondered what sort of problems can be solved by an online leadership training platform. Our organization fundamentally believes in creating behavioral change at a cultural level. A Better Leader has decades' worth of experience in solving common workplace problems, from low employee engagement and morale, lack of connection between leadership and team members, turnover, and more.

We feel that it's not only possible but doable for you to save time, money, and energy by providing every leader in your organization the skills they need, right when they need them! We'll cover four of the most common problems that we see organizations facing -- problems that A Better Leader consistently helps them solve. 

Problem #1: Low Employee Engagement/Morale

By far, one of the most prevalent issues we see organizations and leaders facing is a lack of employee engagement and/or low morale in the workplace. In fact, if you're reading this, you've probably asked yourself how you can improve engagement and motivation among the team members in your company. Online leadership training is not only crucial to develop your company's leaders but to have a major impact on employee engagement.

Since research has shown time and time again that it's far more expensive to hire a new employee than to train and retain your existing team members, it's important to be proactive when it comes to low engagement or low morale. The cost of leadership training, in most cases, is far less than the cost to replace an employee. We've helped numerous organizations with our countless lessons that specifically address the typical struggles in the everyday workplace. Just ask Patricia Moody of Schafer Systems, who shared that "The distribution for 'A Better Leader' could not be easier for me, and it provides excellent concept introduction for new leaders, without talking down to seasoned ones."

A Better Leader Courses that Address Low Employee Engagement/Morale:

Ready to address your culture gaps that affect team morale? Topics like Employee Engagement Matters, Leadership & Self-Sacrifice, and Building Morale help your leaders address low morale. Actionable advice in Goal Setting & Achievement, Taking Action to Inspire Productivity, and Motivating Remote Teams, are particularly timely. Maintaining Engagement, Ethics & Leadership, Feedback: Performance Reviews, Productivity Without Spending, and The Power of Prioritization provide leaders with what they need to align their priorities with what the Company needs.

As you can see, with numerous courses for your leaders to absorb new skills surrounding engagement, motivating your teams, and more, it's no wonder our clients are having such success when it comes to boosting morale and adding more to the bottom line. The ROI of a consistent and successful leadership training is worth its weight in gold!

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Problem #2: High Turnover Rates

As stated above, employee engagement and morale can have a significant impact on employee turnover. The bottom line is that leaders who are not effectively trained and developed lack the soft skills to encourage, motivate, and, ultimately, retain your top talent. According to a 2017 study, turnover can cost as much as $15,000 per employee. That figure is certainly nothing to be easily dismissed. What does this mean for you and your leaders? You need to be proactive when it comes to your team members. You need to have leadership training in place that builds employee trust, instills confidence in your workforce, and teaches your managers and leaders how to connect with their team. 

A Better Leader Courses that Focus on Employee Turnover:

Developing Trust

Praise & Recognition

Workplace Health & Well-Being

Emotional Intelligence


Work-Life Fit

Introduction to Change

Overcoming Objections To Change

Crisis Communication

Do not let employee turnover be something that you let get out of your control. This is ultimately a fixable problem that does not need to waste time, money, and resources within your organization. Leadership training can be a tool that addresses this before it has a chance to become an issue you face.

If you're wondering if the value of leadership training is worth it, consider what an HR manager in a retail environment had to say about A Better Leader's course training: "The topics are GREAT! It is easy to access and use. The content is presented in a very basic, easy-to-understand way that conveys the right message. I LOVE that our people can access the training more than once and can work through the content at their own pace. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "To Go" recap of the concepts presented. I also like the Subject Matter Expert deeper dive." Instead of searching for ways to provide your leaders with the skills they need, and trying to fill gaps in employment, you can select ready-made content that addresses all of these topics, and you can focus on becoming an employer of choice.

Problem #3: Maintaining a direct connection with team members

Your leaders need to have a connection with their team members if they want to be respected and trusted to motivate the employees they work with. Without solid two-way communication and even an open-door policy, where the door swings in both directions, you are potentially setting your workplace up for failure. Management and their leaders, and potential future leaders, must have the skills it takes to maintain communication and connection with employees at all levels. 

Lack of communication can lead to a whole host of issues in the workplace, up to and including unionization. With a potential union organizing campaign comes an entirely new slew of costs, headaches, and stress on your entire workplace. Couple that with the future implications if your employees decide to vote yes on a union, and the decision is simple: leadership training is critical. A Better Leader's partner, UnionProof, can help you prepare for and be proactive against unions attempting to organize your workplace.

A Better Leader Courses that Train your Leaders on Employee Connection: 

UnionProof: Company Advocates

Brand Ambassadors

Effective Listening

Planned Connections

The Extroversion Scale

The UnionProof Workforce

UnionProof: Employee Voice

UnionProof: Unions 101

Coaching Skills

Delegation Works

Clearly, when it comes to being proactive and training your leaders, or wait and see what happens, the choice is clear. The effects of poor leadership are simply too detrimental to ignore. Taking the initiative to ensure your leaders are well-trained, confident, and comfortable having important and necessary conversations can be the key to becoming an employer of choice.

Problem #4: Creating a Respectful Workplace

Especially in today's climate, diversity and inclusion are more important topics than ever. Employees need to feel heard, respected, included and appreciated for the unique individuals that they are. After all, they are the most important asset to your organization and have the most impact on your bottom line. It's no secret that your company's leadership needs to have a firm understanding of how to foster a respectful workplace. It doesn't matter what sort of leadership style your leaders convey, or whether they are introverted or extroverted; they can obtain the social and leadership skills necessary to ensure all team members feel safe, respected, and included.

Not only that, but your leaders should also have confidence handling harassment in the workplace and preventing any incidents from occurring. This doesn't happen without proper training and hand-picked courses that direct their attention to these areas (like harassment or workplace bullying) and teach them how to address situations before they turn into a problem.

A Better Leader Courses that Train Your Leaders on Respect and Harassment: 

The Respectful Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Bullying

Implicit Bias

Extroversion Diversity 

Cultural Sensitivity

It cannot be stated enough that your organization needs to have effective training in place that addresses bullying and harassment. Not only that, but implicit bias is something that unintentionally affects everyone and could lead to potential issues upon hiring or promoting individuals within your workplace. Of course, that means that this is just one more important topic that you should include in your leadership training.

What's Next?

You may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start when it comes to implementing leadership training within your company. It may seem like there are too many decisions to be made, and several issues you need to address all at once. Don't panic; this is where A Better Leader and their expertise can take the pressure and stress off of your plate and make sure you're covered. They provide done-for-you online leadership training, with new topics every month! For one price, you can serve unlimited leaders in your organization, positively impact employee engagement and morale, foster strong and positive two-way communication, and build a respectful and safe community within your workplace. Let them provide you with the tools you need to build up your leaders that connect with your workforce! 

"We have subscribed to the materials for more than five years. We love it. It is easy to use. The staff is great (friendly, patient, knowledgeable, open to feedback). In our culture of thrift, it is very affordable. THANK YOU for all that you do. You are awesome...a hidden gem. But word is getting out!" Thank you to Kelly Smith, who is in Training & Development with Autozone, for sharing her thoughts and describing what so many happy clients are feeling as well. A Better Leader would love to serve you and your online leadership training needs, and help is just a click away.

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