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Learning Delivery Methods: What’s the difference?

The learning delivery models have expanded along with technological advances, and with those models emerged some terminology. The availability of various learning delivery options accommodates a workforce with all employees working at the business lo...

Leadership Training

How To Conduct An Employee Engagement Survey

Table Of Contents 1What Is an Employee Engagement Survey2How To Conduct The Survey - A Step-by-Step Guide3Why Should You Conduct a Survey4The Benefits of Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey5Who Should Be Included In The Survey6 How To Use T...

Employee Communication, Positive Employee Relations

Generation X In The Workplace

They may not be the largest generation of workers, but here are the benefits of having generation X in the workplace....

Diversity & Inclusion

Negotiation as a Leadership Skill

Negotiation as a leadership skill may sound unconventional because leading your employees is not the same as cutting deals with other department heads, partner firms, suppliers, or investors. Leaders have authority. Right? They don’t need to negoti...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

5 Benefits You Need to Offer to Recruit Millennials

If you want to recruit millennials that are going to become business leaders in your organization, there are a few benefits to take into consideration to ensure you're attracting and retaining top talent. Consider adding these benefits to your roster...

Employer of Choice, New-Hire Onboarding

What Should I Look For in Management Consulting Firms?

You must carefully identify your needs before searching for management consulting firms. Do you need advice on staying union-free or a union organizing campaign already in progress, improving employee engagement, or revamping employee communication s...


Do You Need a Supervisory Status Analysis? Answer: Yes!

Do you need to conduct a Supervisory Status Analysis on each position you call "supervisor" or "manager"? Maybe you don't think so because isn't it obvious someone is a supervisor when they have direct reports and plan, organize, and control the wo...

Labor Law

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Management Consultant?

A business considering hiring a management consultant wants to access the best advice and expertise possible. When Projections previously reviewed the top management consulting firms, it was clear that being the largest company does not necessarily e...

Consulting, Labor Law

2022 Trends in Labor Management Consulting

To stay relevant, labor management consulting firms and consultants must adapt. As we look ahead to 2022, the following trends are reshaping the focus and strategies of labor management consultants striving to assist organizations across industries w...

Consulting, Positive Employee Relations

How Do I Avoid a ULP?

You want to develop leaders who are focused on maintaining a positive workplace culture at all times. There are numerous NLRB ULP cases that boil down to a manager or supervisor getting frustrated with employees who support unions and making a threat...

Labor Law, Union Avoidance Training

Managing Tough Conversations: How Improvisation Can Get You Through

Improvisation is based on positivity and agreement. “Yes, and” is the way improvisers make anything happen. Managing tough conversations with the improviser’s outlook is powerful. Positivity means looking for the best in people and in situatio...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

How Your Leaders Can Answer The Question, “Should I Join A Union?”

Your managers and supervisors must always stay prepared to speak to employees about unions, and answer all employee questions that come up, including "should I join a union?" whether that question is asked directly or indirectly. If you're a CHRO who...

Leadership Training, Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

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