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communication gap with field workers

Closing the Communication Gap with Field Workers

Today, we’ll talk about ways you can close the communication gap with field workers and some of the repercussions a lack of engagement can cause in your organization.

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creating a positive employer brand

Creating A Positive Employer Brand

Your brand is your company’s public face – and creating a positive brand should be at the forefront of your priorities as a leader and employer. You may wonder how exactly you’re supposed to cultivate a positive brand in the workplace. We’ll cover why it’s important, how you can develop an employer branding strategy, and even how you can boost it!

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Workplace Civility: Five Strategies to encourage a respectful workplace

Workplace Civility: Five Ways to Encourage A Respectful Workplace

Tensions continue to run high in the U.S. and at work. Leaders must create workplace civility to maintain a respectful workplace. Here’s how.

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Employee Concerns

The Future of Work After COVID-19: Easing Employee Concerns

Employees have a lot to worry about. The future of work after COVID-19 includes technology replacing or radically changing jobs; organizational culture change due to the hybrid workforce; the future of remote working; job security in the evolving post-COVID environment; health and safety concerns; financial worries, and on the list goes. This is all an […]

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Can a Human Centered Design Help Me Stay Union-Free? from Projections Inc.

Can Human-Centered Design Help Me Stay Union-Free?

In a human centered design the needs of people come first, leading to happier employees. Learn how this strategy can help you stay union-free!

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Employee Digital Communication from Projections Inc.

Employee Digital Communication

Communication is the most essential element for developing positive employee relations. Thanks to digital communication, connecting with employees has never been easier.

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engaging employees with internal podcasts

Engaging Employees With Internal Podcasts

Podcasting for an internal audience? If you’re not a podcast listener yourself, you might be thinking, “what, what? why would we do that?” If you are a fan of podcasts, you may only think of them as a source of entertainment. But today’s forward-thinking employers know that in order to engage employees, you’ve got to […]

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Using Social Media to Connect with Your Employees

From large corporations, to political campaigns, to sellers on etsy… innovative businesses leaders and marketing professionals have quickly recognized the utility of social media as a powerful marketing tool to attract consumers and build a positive brand image. However, more and more organizations are embracing social media for employees as well. Why Should my Company […]

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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The barriers to career progression are difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. Today’s leadership challenge is reconciling the contradiction between what the company says and what the company does. Developing a true organizational structural system of racial equality and equity is imperative for every organization.

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Relaying Bad News: How To Communicate with Employees

Communication with your employees is of critical importance. In fact, research shows that leadership communication is the top internal communication factor that “statistically correlates to employee engagement.” You simply cannot emphasize how important communication is within the workplace. Between improving engagement, team building, and improving overall trust between management and employees, it’s no secret: the more honest […]

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ProjectHR Anniversary Celebration: A Round-Up Of Top HR Books We Loved this Year

There have been many authors with books we loved so much; we wanted to share! The following is a list of all the books mentioned on our ProjectHR podcast this last year.

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Communicating Employee Benefits to Enhance Relationships with your Employees

It’s critical to appropriately communicate employee benefits changes and packages with your workforce in a concise, understandable way and clearly explains everything in detail to your staff. While we’ve written about employee benefits before, communication in the workplace is changing rapidly

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