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2023 Employee Communication Trends

Understanding the key 2023 employee communication trends is a forward-thinking strategy for staying competitive in the labor market, retaining talent, and developing strong employee engagement....

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What is Employee Value Proposition?

When employers are advised to become proactive in developing positive employee relations, the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) comes into play as an essential principle....

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Labor Relations in the Automotive Industry

The following sections discuss the common labor relations issues in the automotive industry and the need to prepare now for the accelerating changes....

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TikTok for Business: Boost Employer Branding with Short-Form Video

This blog post will outline the basics of what you need to know before getting started using TikTok for business....

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The Connection Between Change Management and Labor Unions

The connection between change management and labor unions is strong whether or not your workforce is unionized....

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Effective Strategies Amidst Labor Shortages and Changing Workplace Attitudes

There are numerous and continuous efforts to pinpoint the reasons for the labor shortages, including worker beliefs about their options....

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Union Organizing in the Manufacturing Industry

Labor union membership rates have been on the decline for decades, so labor unions are ramping up their union organizing in the manufacturing industry to stop the decline by focusing on the issues impacting manufacturing workers today and striving to...

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Virtual Reality for Training and Communications

Virtual Reality for corporate training can play a crucial role in increasing employee engagement in real life for several reasons....

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The Link Between Internal Marketing and HR

In this article, we'll explore how HR and Labor professionals need an internal marketing mindset to succeed in reaching today's workforce in a way that brings everyone into alignment to achieve goals that make a difference. ...

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What is Raise Up the South? & What Employers Need to Know

Originally focused on increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, Raise Up the South is the Southern branch of the Fight for $15 and a Union....

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Why Would Employees Choose to Decertify a Union?

It may be due to the union failing to act in employee interests in some manner, and others are due to employers developing positive employee relations and meeting employee compensation, benefits, and working condition needs, meaning there is no reaso...

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Union Approval Ratings Update 2022

No matter how the union trends pan out, you can insulate your business from union organizing. The various union approval ratings and other information collected inform employers on some of the ways....

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