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Mitigating The Great Resignation

Founder and CEO of Dion Leadership, Steve Dion, discusses The Great Resignation movement and how employers can better understand what today's employees want and need....

Employer of Choice, Positive Employee Relations

How Amazon Stayed Union-Free in Bessemer, Alabama: A Case Study

It's well known that Amazon stayed union-free when employees in Bessemer, Alabama, didn't vote to unionize in early 2021. It was a definitive vote, too, with 738 employees voting for the union and 1,798 workers voting against it. To date, Amazon has ...

Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

How to Make a Crisis Communication Plan

Your organization never knows when a crisis can threaten your company’s reputation, employee engagement, and the trust of stakeholders. That fact alone directs the need for a crisis communication plan because a crisis can quickly spiral into devast...

Employee Communication, Positive Employee Relations

Preparing for Union Contract Negotiations

When it’s time for new union contract negotiations, the stress level goes up several notches, and your leaders’ training on maintaining positive employee relations is put to the test....

Positive Employee Relations, Union Campaign Communication

6 Labor Relations Trends Heading into 2022

Getting a handle on what we know now about labor relations trends in the coming year, and developing and implementing a strategic employee relations response, can mitigate some of the turmoil and reduce vulnerability to union organizing, so your busi...

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Join the Workplace Detox Movement!

Workplace Transformationalist Julie Bartkus joins us to talk about how to fix a toxic work environment by detoxing your workplace....

Positive Employee Relations, Team Building

The 4 Leadership Qualities That Make Great Leaders

A quick four-point checklist of leadership qualities that identifies the major skills needed for effective management plus offers innovative methods for developing talent....

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Ten Building Blocks of Employee Engagement

The building blocks of employee engagement starts with building positive employee relations. This is a process that requires a good leadership foundation upon which practical daily leadership skills and behaviors add the blocks needed for employee su...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

Current Trends in Labor Relations

Nick Munday, Managing Director for our parent company, IRI Consultants, is here to discuss what labor trends we should be paying attention to and much more!...

Labor Law, Positive Employee Relations

A Holistic Approach to Maintaining a Union-Free Culture

A holistic approach to building a union-free culture is a holistic strategy to support the whole employee – physically, mentally, socially, and financially. At Projections, we also add authentically. This is quite different from a strategy in which...

Authentic Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Positive Employee Relations

We’re in the Proactive Era: Here’s How Labor and Employee Relations are Forever Changed

As leaders, we’re expected to step up – and stay one step ahead – of the challenges facing workers today. This shift has ushered us into a new era of labor and employee relations – something Projections calls the Proactive Era....

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

The Power of Positive Employee Relations when Making Tough Decisions

Continuing to build trust when management is forced to make these tough decisions is rooted in honest communication, a willingness to accept feedback, and a commitment to do what is possible to ease the impacts. This is how companies stay union-free...

Disengaged Employees, Positive Employee Relations

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