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What are the Steps for Implementing Employee Engagement Initiatives?

Effective employee engagement initiatives may address the organization’s culture, core values, employee opportunities for career growth, employee recognition and rewards, leadership transparency, participatory leadership decision-making, and more. ...

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Effective Coaching: Tips for Coaching that Works

Proper coaching is a powerful process that is designed to increase one’s self awareness, which, in turn, facilitates more powerful conscious decision making, which leads to organized and focused action and finally provides accountability to measure...

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Why is Coaching in the Workplace Important?

Coaching in the workplace is an important part of any organization that wants to foster a positive organizational culture. The idea of coaching is different from the traditional manager or supervisor because they focus on helping employees improve th...

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Stop Micromanaging: Learn to Delegate and Stop Bad Management Habits

Micromanaging is a toxic habit that can quickly turn into a full-on addiction. It's easy to do and hard to stop, especially if you're the boss. But it's not just bad for your employees; micromanaging is also bad for you and can be harmful to your com...

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Motivating Remote Teams

Remote team members are often overlooked, although it's never something that's done on purpose. The truth is that it's hard motivating remote teams when those employees are not coming into the office regularly, and don't have as strong of a connectio...

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10 Tips To Increase Productivity Without Spending a Dime

10 quick and easy tips to increase your productivity, professionally and personally, without spending any money....

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Increasing Productivity At Work

Considering that employees who feel appreciated are found to be 13% more productive at work, in measured terms of sales, it's essential to discuss the importance of increasing productivity to accomplish shared company goals and attract and retain top...

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5 Free Productivity Apps For Work

Orgnization is key for every business. These five free apps are must-haves to increase productivity at work and motivate today's workforce....

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What is the Best Strategy for Poor Communication Between Managers?

Managers sometimes experience a communication breakdown, causing tension and uncertainty among their employees. When that happens, employee engagement is bound to suffer. Though some creative differences may lead to innovation, you need a strategy ...

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Examples of Goals for Work

The examples of goals for work for employee performance and development purposes in the succeeding sections follow the SMART goals guidelines. As a reminder, SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. These a...

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How to Help Your Team Be More Innovative

When we talk with leaders who wish their team were more innovative, we often find that they unintentionally stifle creativity. With a few shifts in how you lead, you can cultivate a more innovative environment and encourage micro-innovations and bett...

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Goal Setting for Employees

Where does a manager begin? Goals can stretch employees to achieve their best performance, but they can also become demotivating when they are unattainable. In some ways, goal writing is an art form. They drive outcomes and motivate and inspire emplo...

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