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How Can I Measure Training Effectiveness?

There are a variety of ways to measure the effectiveness of employee training. The most important thing is to identify the key indicators that will show whether or not employees are retaining and using the information they learned in training....

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How to Create and Nurture Professional Relationships

In order to create professional relationships, it starts with developing people's connections. Connections are something people crave because they create a sense of belonging. ...

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What Can You Do To Improve The Employee Experience?

If the goal in your organization is to improve employee experience, HR leaders need to prioritize mental and emotional wellness, a positive work environment, and actively engaging employees....

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Know Before They Go – The Art of Exit and Stay Interviews

Chris Coberly, CEO of People Element, joins us to discuss "exit" interview strategy, the goal of "stay" interviews, and the value of developing efficient employee listening processes....

Disengaged Employees, New-Hire Onboarding

Employee Recognition Programs: A Round-Up and How To Build Your Own

Before you consider creating your own employee recognition program, it's wise to look at some existing employee recognition programs in order to move your organization forward....

Disengaged Employees

Absenteeism May Be Sign of a Bigger Problem

Absenteeism can cost businesses a lot of money in lost productivity, but it can also be a sign of bigger issues. If employees are frequently absent, it could be a sign that they're unhappy with their job or experiencing personal problems. Absenteeism...

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How Can We Adopt a Corporate Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is very different from maintaining the status quo because it means proactively looking for shake-ups, opportunities, challenges to the status quo, and problems in need of solutions....

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Connecting With People: How to Build a Connected Workplace

We'll cover why connecting with people is so important, and why it's essential to have a strong sense of connection in your organization. Connectivity is not simply a buzzword. It's critical to strengthen your workplace culture and move your organiza...

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How Does an Employee Advisory Group Strengthen Employee Engagement?

An Employee Advisory Group goes by different names in organizations. It might be called an Employee Advisory Committee, Employee Advisory Board, or Employee Action Committee. They are all based on the same principle: to provide a forum to improve emp...

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How Does Radical Flexibility Put People First?

Radical flexibility is a new set of principles in which employee expectations about where, when, and how they work are met through flexible work schedules, shared purpose, and excellence in communication processes. It is a work model that strengthens...

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How Can Employee Feedback Data and Analytics Improve Engagement?

Employers can utilize digital employee surveys and other feedback collection strategies to connect with their in–house and remote workforce. However, the kinds of questions asked on the survey determine the type of data collected, which determines ...

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Employee Engagement in 2022: Outsmarting The Great Resignation

Employee expectations about work have changed during the pandemic, the underlying reason there are massive numbers of voluntary quits across industries. The voluntary quits are impacting more than just recruitment and retention policies. They are lea...

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