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Unleashing the Transformative Potential of HR

HR is a critical element in any business, but often goes underappreciated. Perry Timms joins us to discusses how transformational HR practices can alleviate this issue....

Team Building

12 Signs That You’re A Remarkably Good Leader

Here are twelve signs that show you're not only a leader, but a remarkably good leader....

Leadership Training, Team Building

Building a Culture with Intent

Your organizational culture is the glue that holds people together as they work towards achieving shared goals. It is the collection of shared values, underlying beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that drive team members' best practices and be...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

How to Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

That's the purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan – to make your efforts intentional and engaging for employees, moving beyond words to make diversity and inclusion a reality for employees. ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building

Join the Workplace Detox Movement!

Workplace Transformationalist Julie Bartkus joins us to talk about how to fix a toxic work environment by detoxing your workplace....

Positive Employee Relations, Team Building

The Importance of Shared Goals in the Workplace

Creating common ground through shared goals is not easy at work. It's especially true today as the workforce is reshaped in many ways, with some changes starting long before COVID-19 and others triggered by the pandemic. But any experienced negotiato...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

From Crisis Response to New Standard: Optimizing Remote & Hybrid Workplans

ProjectHR welcomes Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting, to talk about how companies can sustain and support the use of remote work models as part of the new way forward....

Team Building

Customer Experience Conversations: The Morning Huddle

David Avrin joins us to discuss his new book, the role of conversation in creating positive customer experience, and the benefits of frequent morning huddles....

Leadership Training, Team Building

Rediscovering Recess: The Power of Play

Joining ProjectHR is Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play, an organization designed to help professionals use the power of play to become more creative, more confident, and to develop deeper relationships with their teams and their clients....

Disengaged Employees, Team Building

Getting Over “I Got It”

Elayne Fluker shares how to build networks, make meaningful connections, and achieve your dreams through the power of asking for help....

Employee Communication, Team Building

Discover Your Swagger By Becoming Your Authentic Self

Leslie Ehm, President and Chief Fire Starter at Combustion Training, joins ProjectHR to help us become our authentic self and unleash our "swagger."...

Build Authentic Leaders, Leadership Training, Team Building

Managing Conflict in the Workplace, Part Two

David Liddle joins us in part two of his two part episode on what strategies we can utilize to better manage conflict in the workplace....

Conflict Resolution, Employee Training Resources, Team Building

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