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Workplace Violence Prevention & Response – Within Healthcare & Beyond

William Marcisz, President and Chief Consultant for Strategic Security Management Consulting, joins ProjectHR to discuss workplace violence....

Positive Employee Relations, Team Building

Digital Belonging and The Human-Centered Paradigm

Yogesh Soni, author of Digital Belonging: Building Human-Centered Organizations, joins us to explain why building workplace belonging and a community mindset is critical for organizational success....

Team Building

How Motivational Science Can Help You Get It Done

Ayelet Fishbach, a psychologist, author, and behavioral scientist, joins ProjectHR to discuss the science of motivation....

Team Building

How Does Radical Flexibility Put People First?

Radical flexibility is a new set of principles in which employee expectations about where, when, and how they work are met through flexible work schedules, shared purpose, and excellence in communication processes. It is a work model that strengthens...

Disengaged Employees, Positive Employee Relations, Team Building

How Does Shared Purpose Benefit Organizations and People?

Purpose is why your organization exists. What social value does it strengthen? What contribution does the organization make to the greater good? How does its performance benefit people? Purpose answers these kinds of questions. Purpose is the beating...

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What are the Stages of Team Development?

Teamwork promotes higher productivity and creativity, but achieving those goals requires team development. Team-building or team development is not a simple leadership skill because people can’t be ordered to feel comfortable with or trust each oth...

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Allyship: The Next Level In Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are joined by Melinda Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, to discuss the difference between DEI support & allyship along with the seven steps to become an ally!...

Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building

Course-Correction: Turning It Around When Times Get Tough

Author & CEO of FARE, Lisa Gable, joins us to share the critical importance of organizational agility and The Four-Step Turnaround Method!...

Team Building

Hacking HR: Advancing HR Technology

We are joined today by Enrique Rubio, Founder of Hacking HR, to discuss the disconnect between HR and technology and how to develop a sense of community within our industry....

Team Building

Engaging Your Gen Z Workforce

Just when you’d sorted out Millennials in the workplace, along comes Generation Z! Deloitte's Christine Selph joins us to discuss how Gen Z is different from other generations and why it's important to understand generational shifts in the workplac...

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HR Rising!!

Steve Browne, Chief People Officer at LaRosa's Pizzeria and author, joins us to discuss his latest book and the global importance of human resources....

Employee Communication, Team Building

Unleashing the Transformative Potential of HR

HR is a critical element in any business, but often goes underappreciated. Perry Timms joins us to discusses how transformational HR practices can alleviate this issue....

Team Building

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