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Gender Diversity in Transportation

Gender diversity in transportation continues to grow. Brian Everett from Women in Trucking explains the statistics....

Diversity & Inclusion

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

David Baboolall, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, joins us to discuss transgender inclusion in the workplace and the systemic work and work progression barriers transgender people face....

Diversity & Inclusion

Narrowing the Gap: Pay Equity

Annette Tyman, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw, and Co-Chair of Seyfarth’s People Analytics Group, discusses pay equity and ways you can narrow the pay gap through pay audits, reviews, and more....

Diversity & Inclusion

Gender Equality in the Workplace

Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of the Women in Trucking Association, discusses ways to address gender equality within your organization and how company success is directly linked....

Diversity & Inclusion

Bias In The Workplace

Table Of Contents 1Reducing Bias in the Workplace2Recognizing Bias is the First Step3Overcoming Bias in the Workplace4Leadership Training to Understand and Address Bias in the Workplace Unconscious bias, also referred to as implicit bias, is "a learn...

Diversity & Inclusion

Generation X In The Workplace

They may not be the largest generation of workers, but here are the benefits of having generation X in the workplace....

Diversity & Inclusion

Managing A Multigenerational Workforce

As of 2021, today's workforce spans mainly four generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, although there are five generational categories if you include the silent generation, which is mainly retired. Each generation has...

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Allyship: The Next Level In Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are joined by Melinda Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, to discuss the difference between DEI support & allyship along with the seven steps to become an ally!...

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Cultural Sensitivity In The Workplace

Cultural sensitivity awareness is vital for both the employees and the employer. It's a way to foster an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Leaders should be sensitive to cultural differen...

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Engaging Your Gen Z Workforce

Just when you’d sorted out Millennials in the workplace, along comes Generation Z! Deloitte's Christine Selph joins us to discuss how Gen Z is different from other generations and why it's important to understand generational shifts in the workplac...

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Managing in a Union Environment

Managing in a union environment can be difficult, because things in the workplace change after employees vote to unionize. Your managers and frontline supervisors still need to manage employees, strive for high-level employee engagement, work towards...

Diversity & Inclusion, Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

How to Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

That's the purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan – to make your efforts intentional and engaging for employees, moving beyond words to make diversity and inclusion a reality for employees. ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building

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