The Power of Dialogue: Effective Communication in the Workplace: Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez

Episode 1.20: Positive, two-way communication is a must for any workplace hoping to create or maintain a progressive and productive work culture - but have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly it is that we mean when we say “communication”? Our guest this week on ProjectHR certainly has! In this episode, we;'re joined by Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez, the owner of Transformative Conversations, a consultancy committed to helping organizations facilitate change, development and growth through dialogue -- and she'll be talking with us about:

  • The differences between communication, conversation, discussion and dialogue;
  • Why dialogue provides meaning and diversity of thought;
  • The cost of poor communication; and
  • How you can design a dialogue that can lead to transformative change!

Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez


“To me, that lived in an oppressive system for so many years, it just made me even more passionate about wanting to change organizations and leaders, one at a time. I’m happy any time I can bring that sense of freedom into an organization.”

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