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Building a Culture with Intent

Your organizational culture is the glue that holds people together as they work towards achieving shared goals. It is the collection of shared values, underlying beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that drive team members' best practices and be...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

The 4 Leadership Qualities That Make Great Leaders

A quick four-point checklist of leadership qualities that identifies the major skills needed for effective management plus offers innovative methods for developing talent....

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Six Drivers to Create Better Leaders

No one tells you how to be a good leader. Sure, some of us are hard wired differently, but leadership is not something one is born with. It takes understanding and working on your skills consistently and learning from your mistakes. How does one beco...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

The Power of Gamification for Organizational Development

In this blog post, we will explore what gamification is, the power of gamification for organizational development work, its benefits, and how you could use game mechanics at your office too!...

Authentic Leadership, Employer of Choice

Ten Building Blocks of Employee Engagement

The building blocks of employee engagement starts with building positive employee relations. This is a process that requires a good leadership foundation upon which practical daily leadership skills and behaviors add the blocks needed for employee su...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

The Importance of Shared Goals in the Workplace

Creating common ground through shared goals is not easy at work. It's especially true today as the workforce is reshaped in many ways, with some changes starting long before COVID-19 and others triggered by the pandemic. But any experienced negotiato...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

Creating A Customized Professional Development Program

The Career Toolkit author Mark Herschberg joins ProjectHR to explain how to create a custom professional development program that can improve ROI and engagement...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Welcome Back: New Workplace Realities and the Evolved Manager

Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research at Gartner, joins ProjectHR to explore how COVID-19 has changed the way we manage and prep us for the future of workplace management....

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How to Help Your Team Be More Innovative

When we talk with leaders who wish their team were more innovative, we often find that they unintentionally stifle creativity. With a few shifts in how you lead, you can cultivate a more innovative environment and encourage micro-innovations and bett...

Authentic Leadership, Disengaged Employees

A Holistic Approach to Maintaining a Union-Free Culture

A holistic approach to building a union-free culture is a holistic strategy to support the whole employee – physically, mentally, socially, and financially. At Projections, we also add authentically. This is quite different from a strategy in which...

Authentic Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Positive Employee Relations

Brand Storytelling: How to Connect and Communicate Through Magnetic Stories

Gabrielle Dolan joins ProjectHR to discuss the concept of Brand Storytelling - crafting a narrative that connects you with your customers and employees on the basis of shared values....

Authentic Leadership, Employee Communication

Adaptability in the Workplace

It’s safe to say your employees, including your leaders, are coping with uncertainty and frequent change, so adaptability in the workplace has taken on new importance....

Authentic Leadership, Union Avoidance Training

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