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Creating A Culture of Ownership in Healthcare Systems

Greg Milano, Founder and CEO of Fortuna Advisors, LLC., is here to discuss why ownership culture is so critical to healthcare systems....

Authentic Leadership

How Do I Make Feedback Work?

A much-needed change in perspective to make feedback work is for your managers and supervisors to approach employee feedback as an opportunity for strengthening employee engagement and for developing positive employee relations....

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

Managing and Leading Effective Projects

Managing and leading effective projects is part art form and part science, but every project depends on organizational culture and effective human-centered leadership skills. ...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

What Are Organizational Citizenship Behaviors?

Staying union-free requires leadership skills that focus on employee engagement and positive employee relations, and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) are a set of dimensions that round out the skill set. Typically, employee engagement is vi...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

Wellbeing In The Workplace

So what does wellbeing in the workplace look like as we push forward and work to create healthy atmospheres with happy, productive employees? It's a multi-tiered approach that includes soliciting employee feedback, keeping open lines of communication...

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Negotiation as a Leadership Skill

Negotiation as a leadership skill may sound unconventional because leading your employees is not the same as cutting deals with other department heads, partner firms, suppliers, or investors. Leaders have authority. Right? They don’t need to negoti...

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Why is Coaching in the Workplace Important?

Coaching in the workplace is an important part of any organization that wants to foster a positive organizational culture. The idea of coaching is different from the traditional manager or supervisor because they focus on helping employees improve th...

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Managing Tough Conversations: How Improvisation Can Get You Through

Improvisation is based on positivity and agreement. “Yes, and” is the way improvisers make anything happen. Managing tough conversations with the improviser’s outlook is powerful. Positivity means looking for the best in people and in situatio...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

InHospitable: Corporate Reputation Management

The internal and external communication plans must be aligned in effective corporate reputation management. The last thing you want is conflicting messaging. The internal communication and public relations teams may have different audiences, and the ...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

How Can My Leaders Navigate Organizational Politics?

Organizational politics is a fact of life, so it is essential to develop the skills to navigate them. Politics can be an element of the organizational culture or within one or two departments. Your leaders need the skills to manage the politics at an...

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How Can My Leaders Plan More Effective Meetings?

Anyone who has ever attended business meetings has endured more than one that challenges patience and accomplishes very little. Sitting through a meeting that seems like a waste of time is a tedious event that harms leader-employee relations, product...

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10 Ideas For How To Improve Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. Here are ideas to improve emotional intelligence - and your life!...

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