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Am I Prepared for Union Organizing?

Is your company prepared for union organizing activity? Your company is more vulnerable to unionizing than may be apparent at a glance, which is why it’s time to take a deeper look into your organization’s status. You want to look for things like...

Leadership Training, Prevent Union Organizing

12 Signs That You’re A Remarkably Good Leader

Here are twelve signs that show you're not only a leader, but a remarkably good leader....

Leadership Training, Team Building

6 Labor Relations Trends Heading into 2022

Getting a handle on what we know now about labor relations trends in the coming year, and developing and implementing a strategic employee relations response, can mitigate some of the turmoil and reduce vulnerability to union organizing, so your busi...

Leadership Training, Positive Employee Relations

Six Drivers to Create Better Leaders

No one tells you how to be a good leader. Sure, some of us are hard wired differently, but leadership is not something one is born with. It takes understanding and working on your skills consistently and learning from your mistakes. How does one beco...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Labor Relations Training: How You Can Put Knowledge into Action

Your organization is responsible for ensuring employee rights are protected and must depend on the frontline supervisors and managers to act and behave to keep the organization safe from legal problems and proactively maintain positive employee relat...

Leadership Training, Union Avoidance Training

10 Top Trends Shaping Leadership Training and Development

A lot is happening in the leadership development and employee training arena, driven by technology, the increased size of the remote worker population, new generations of workers, and advances in brain science. The trends shaping leadership training ...

Employer of Choice, Leadership Training

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion is a common topic today, but the perspective often considers it an issue about government compliance. The reality is that Diversity and Inclusion is about being globally competitive, creative, and innovative, and organizational ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Training


You've heard about SMART goals, but what about SMARTER goals? Learn how to work smarter, not harder....

Leadership Training

Creating A Customized Professional Development Program

The Career Toolkit author Mark Herschberg joins ProjectHR to explain how to create a custom professional development program that can improve ROI and engagement...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Welcome Back: New Workplace Realities and the Evolved Manager

Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research at Gartner, joins ProjectHR to explore how COVID-19 has changed the way we manage and prep us for the future of workplace management....

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Business Continuity Planning with Effective Leadership Communication

Business continuity is advanced crisis planning that anticipates critical operational interruptions to ensure the organization can continue to function and return to a normal state as quickly as possible....

Employee Communication, Leadership Training

Learning Development: The Hype About HiPos

Vibhas Ratanjee, a Senior Practice Expert at Gallup, details the value of high potential employee (HiPo) programs and how they can advance learning and improve ROI....

Leadership Training

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