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Inspiring Success Through Purpose-Driven Leadership

Lan Phan, CEO and Founder of community of SEVEN, explains the process behind purpose-driven leadership and the importance of value alignment for long-term success....

Leadership Training

Learning Delivery Methods: What’s the difference?

The learning delivery models have expanded along with technological advances, and with those models emerged some terminology. The availability of various learning delivery options accommodates a workforce with all employees working at the business lo...

Leadership Training

Negotiation as a Leadership Skill

Negotiation as a leadership skill may sound unconventional because leading your employees is not the same as cutting deals with other department heads, partner firms, suppliers, or investors. Leaders have authority. Right? They don’t need to negoti...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Managing Baby Boomers In The Workplace

Not all boomers have retired, as a result, younger managers are supervising older employees every day. Here are some helpful tips for managing baby boomers in the workplace. ...

Leadership Training

Cultural Sensitivity In The Workplace

Cultural sensitivity awareness is vital for both the employees and the employer. It's a way to foster an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Leaders should be sensitive to cultural differen...

Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Training

Effective Coaching: Tips for Coaching that Works

Proper coaching is a powerful process that is designed to increase one’s self awareness, which, in turn, facilitates more powerful conscious decision making, which leads to organized and focused action and finally provides accountability to measure...

Disengaged Employees, Leadership Training

Why is Coaching in the Workplace Important?

Coaching in the workplace is an important part of any organization that wants to foster a positive organizational culture. The idea of coaching is different from the traditional manager or supervisor because they focus on helping employees improve th...

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Stop Micromanaging: Learn to Delegate and Stop Bad Management Habits

Micromanaging is a toxic habit that can quickly turn into a full-on addiction. It's easy to do and hard to stop, especially if you're the boss. But it's not just bad for your employees; micromanaging is also bad for you and can be harmful to your com...

Disengaged Employees, Leadership Training

Delegation In Leadership

As a leader, the delegation process can be complex due to our fear of not knowing what will happen if we let go of the reins or the feeling of passing the buck to someone else. Appropriately done, delegation in leadership can help create successful t...

Leadership Training

How Your Leaders Can Answer The Question, “Should I Join A Union?”

Your managers and supervisors must always stay prepared to speak to employees about unions, and answer all employee questions that come up, including "should I join a union?" whether that question is asked directly or indirectly. If you're a CHRO who...

Leadership Training, Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

Hiring Remote Workers

Remote workers are quickly becoming a business necessity. Learn the benefits and process of hiring remote workers in today's work environment....

Employer of Choice, Leadership Training, New-Hire Onboarding

How Can My Leaders Navigate Organizational Politics?

Organizational politics is a fact of life, so it is essential to develop the skills to navigate them. Politics can be an element of the organizational culture or within one or two departments. Your leaders need the skills to manage the politics at an...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

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