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How Can I Measure Training Effectiveness?

There are a variety of ways to measure the effectiveness of employee training. The most important thing is to identify the key indicators that will show whether or not employees are retaining and using the information they learned in training....

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Do I Need to Focus On Developing Soft Skills?

Developing soft skills at all levels requires some specific steps, beginning with leadership training, shifting the focus to creating a learning culture, and applying leadership principles like delegation and feedback to develop soft skills in the wo...

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Why Should My Leaders Adopt a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is needed to excel in today's business environment. In the following post, we consider the various aspects of fixed and growth mindsets and the importance of a growth mindset to good leadership....

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Restoration After a Strike or Labor Event

Strike contingency planning is a process for ensuring business continuity if your employees decide to strike, and it's equally essential to be prepared for restoration after a strike....

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Media Training: What it Is and Why Your Executives Need it

Media training is a specialized form of training that develops leadership skills for communicating and interacting with the media. Effective media training gives participants the tools and skills to deliver an organization’s key messages to its sta...

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Why Do My Leaders Need to Understand Relationship Mapping?

Relationship mapping is a tool for leadership success. A relationship map is often thought of as a method for identifying the relationship of organizational leaders or business functions to customers, other businesses, or community members....

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Connecting With People: How to Build a Connected Workplace

We'll cover why connecting with people is so important, and why it's essential to have a strong sense of connection in your organization. Connectivity is not simply a buzzword. It's critical to strengthen your workplace culture and move your organiza...

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Crisis Leadership and the Call for Resilience

Vivian Blade, recognized leadership expert, thought leader and author, joins ProjectHR to explain the role of resiliency in crisis leadership....

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Building Morale

Morale can be a tricky aspect of leadership -- and if you want to boost employee morale, it may seem impossible. At first glance, it seems like it’s a “fluffy” kind of business measurement, but it can become very concrete very quickly when it...

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We The Leader: The Evolution of Leadership in the 21st Century

Jeffrey Spahn, Founder & President of Leading Leaders, Inc., explains how the evolution of leadership can inspire innovation and success!...

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2022 Labor and Employee Relations Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Following are several important 2022 labor and employee relations events that can help you stay abreast of changes in labor markets and Human Resources management best practices and opportunities to network with other professionals. At the end of eac...

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Why Conduct An Employee Engagement Survey

Table Of Contents 1Recruit & Retain Top Talent2Provide Valuable & Actionable Employee Feedback3Get To The Root of Employee Disengagement 4Identify, Reward, and Encourage Rising Talent5Increased Engagement Drives Cost Savings6Taking Actio...

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