5 Benefits of Online Leadership Training

It’s hard to imagine many drawbacks to training your leaders. There are some specific benefits to online leadership training that we’ve seen many of our customers enjoy. Are productivity concerns or morale issues that your HR team is struggling with? These are just some of the problems that online leadership training can solve for. The right training program not only benefits your employees but your company as a whole. Our goal is to inform you about the benefits of online leadership training, but it’s not a perfect solution for every organization. Take a look at the top five benefits of online leadership training and think about whether your company could use any of these advantages. 

Improved Productivity
Boosted Employee Engagement
Increased Employee Retention
Creating Future Leaders
Cost-Effective, Flexible Training

1. Improve Productivity

One of the best benefits of online leadership training is the ability to boost your team’s productivity. After all, when employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about their role at your company, they will get more work done daily. Their confidence and increased productivity at work can inspire the rest of the team to get more done, as well.

In fact, a Manchester Consulting Group study found that extra employee training led to an ROI of nearly six times the cost of the training program. Additionally, there was a 67 percent increase in teamwork and a 48 percent increase in quality. If you knew there was a chance to achieve this kind of measurable improvement merely through leadership training, then it makes sense to sign up your employees so they can get on the path to better productivity as soon as possible!

2. Boost Employee Engagement

After all, providing employees with the information they need to be more effective at work can be motivating and make their job easier on them in the long run. Good employees are always looking for ways to learn more and keep growing. Those who don’t have the chance to continue to grow through ongoing training will feel they’re stagnating and not living up to their potential, causing them to be unhappy at work. Leadership training will provide them with the tools they need to keep improving in the workplace.

Another reason to consider online leadership training is to increase employee engagement. When your employees recognize that you are investing in their development as leaders, they feel appreciated. Additionally, they are more motivated to grow with the company, and understand their role in that. Increasing engagement leads to your employees feeling valued in the workplace and being more passionate about what they do. One study discovered that 79 percent of employees who quit their job said “lack of appreciation” was why they left. Engaged employees feel appreciated and proud of their work every day, so they’re more committed to the company. It makes sense that leadership training would lead to this result.

If you’re not sure why better employee engagement is a significant advantage, note that employees who feel engaged in their workplace can outperform those who don’t by about 202 percent! That means increasing employee engagement not only leads to happier employees in the workplace, but it also translates to the overall success of your company.

3. Keep Your Current Employees

There’s a common saying that employees don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. They leave managers they don’t like, even if they like their role at work. So if you want to reduce the risk of your employees leaving their job due to ineffective bosses, online leadership training may just be your missing link. This training will ensure that anyone in charge at your company is doing an excellent job of being a leader. 

After all, developing your employees and leaders with training should not be considered a “benefit” to your employees. It should be considered a critical element to their position in the workforce. In fact, 94% of employees say they would stay in their position if their company invested in their career. This incredible statistic shows just how much of a focus you should have on leadership development in your workplace. Furthermore, the same 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report that found the above, shared #1 struggle for talent development — their employees can’t find the time for it. If this rings true in your workplace, online leadership training could be that form of training for employees who crave career development, but need flexibility to complete it at their own pace.

Focusing on retaining employees—rather than losing them and having to recruit more—can save you a lot of money. One report found that replacing one employee can cost a company 33 percent of that employee’s yearly salary! Ultimately, it makes the most sense to try to hold on to your current employees. Increase their leadership skills with the right training, so you can provide them with the support they need!

4. Create Future Leaders

It makes financial sense to try to keep your current employees for as long as possible. It makes even more sense to train them to be leaders now, so they’re ready to be effective leaders later. Providing all employees with online leadership training now will ensure the next leaders at your company are prepared to take on their new role with confidence.

Leadership training is more critical now than ever because of the many technical and soft skills managers are expected to possess these days. In fact, one report found that soft skills—such as empathy, respect, and communication—are now more critical than technical skills. Furthermore, training for soft skills is the “top priority for talent development teams” according to a LinkedIn Workplace Learning survey

The same source said studies show that 47 percent of managers don’t get additional training when they take on their new role, and 93 percent of managers said they think they need some training on how to coach employees. So if you want to ensure the future leaders at your company are well-rounded and ready for their promotion, online leadership training now is a good idea!

5. Get Cost-Effective, Flexible Training for the Entire Team

Some of the benefits of online leadership training revolve around the ease of access to this kind of coaching. First, since it takes place online, there’s no travel involved. This means your company does not have to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food for employees, nor are you restricted to training sessions within driving distance. When the courses take place online, you have a lot more options, even when you’re on a budget.

There’s also the fact that online leadership training saves a lot of time. When your employees take courses online instead of traveling for in-person training, they don’t have to take days off work. The result is that your company does not have to deal with less productivity while your employees are training.

In fact, with most online leadership training courses, participants can typically learn while on the go. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, they can watch or read while they’re at home, waiting in line, or taking public transportation to work. And of course, you can set up times for your employees to train while during the workday. Taking the time to do that ahead of time will be much easier than coordinating everyone’s schedule so they can all take a class that meets a particular time and place.

Is Online Leadership Training Right for Your Workplace?

As you can see, there are many benefits of online leadership training. Perhaps you have remote employees who cannot attend an in-person training all at once, and you need a flexible, self-paced option to provide consistent training to your leaders. Our clients here at A Better Leader have found that “it provides excellent concept introduction for new leaders,” and “bridges the gaps in understanding” for their workplaces. If you feel that your workplace needs an online leadership training solution, we’d love to be a resource to help develop your employees and retain your talent.

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