Leadership Training Trends for 2020

Online leadership training is on the rise. A Linkedin survey of 500 L&D leaders shows that budgets for online leadership training are expected to increase by 11 percent by 2020. Recently, many of our members here at A Better Leader have been asking, “what’s new in leadership training?” From getting your leaders all on the same page to creating true cultural change, here are many of the latest leadership training trends companies are including in their online leadership development programs.

Streamlined Scheduling

Certainly, putting together a training schedule for your workplace can be a challenging task. You have to consider ongoing projects within the organization, business trips, presentations, and several other factors that influence leadership availability.


Currently, what’s new in leadership training is a streamlined system for scheduling. It eliminates the time-consuming back-and-forth that frequently occurs when trying to schedule training manually. An online drag-and-drop interface with a wide variety of topics gives you a visual representation of the training spots available and simplifies the entire process.

Monthly Focus On One Leadership Topic

Building trust and creating a culture of engagement requires consistency in how your leaders act and interact with employees. A monthly “theme” helps improve the consistency of your leadership learning, company-wide. Additionally, sending managers a monthly kick-off email with talking points on what to expect in their online leadership training allows them to embrace your training with enthusiasm and knowledge.

These monthly talking points give you the ability to get the conversation started throughout the organization. This means everyone is focusing on the same topic at the same time. Moreover, it allows managers to compare experiences and bounce ideas off of one another.

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A Focus On Never-Lost Learning

Live training puts your company at risk of losing leadership knowledge. It is important to make sure all leadership training is archived, available and accessible. For instance, if a new leader is hired or promoted, they would have instant access to the same knowledge as their peers.

Creating a culture of superior leadership means every leader consistently reinforces the company’s values. Offering your leaders a library of specific leadership-focused learning that they can refer back to at any time means that the skills you’re teaching leaders is never lost. Particularly in today’s highly competitive labor market, the focus must be not just on one-and-done leader training but on creating a culture of better leaders.

Variety Improves The Leader Experience 

Another outstanding new trend is reinforce the leadership learning experience  through different learning methods. Video lessons, interactive training, downloadable reference sheets, and expert videos call all give your leaders this opportunity. Companies that provide leaders with a variety of resources on a single leadership development topic find improved retention, and a higher instance of implementation.

Because every learner (and every leader!) learns differently, offering variety improves their individual experience with the training. Providing a lecture-style session, as well as an entertaining video, connects with leader who prefer to watch and learn. Downloadable reference materials are perfect for those leaders that take action best by reading and reflecting. If you’re also able to provide interactivity in the form of quizzes, leaders are rewarded with valuable feedback that aids in implementation.

Full Flexibility in Leadership Training Time

Leaders rarely have time set aside for training, a common struggle with leadership growth in the 21st century. That’s why today’s trend is to provide the training but give leaders full flexibility in the times that they train. By not forcing people to learn while they’re distracted, you’ll get better retention. Additionally, your leaders will be more likely to take action with the knowledge and apply it in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Give your leaders an entire month to complete the newest training lesson. This gives them plenty of time to take the quiz, download the reference guide/sheet, and watch any bonus videos. Essentially, what this does is allows them to give the training their full attention (rather than checking their phone every ten minutes).

Capitalize On Current Leadership Training Trends to Build Better Leaders

All in all, those are some of the current trends in online leadership training  – flexible delivery of content that provides your entire organization with continuity! Implement these latest trends in your training, or check out A Better Leader’s all-in-one online leadership solution. We’ll help you improve engagement and reduce turnover by building better leaders.

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