Emotional Intelligence: Soft Skill or Critical Competency? Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala Emotional Intelligence

Episode 1.24: Understanding Emotional Intelligence and its role in your organization can create better hiring decisions, stronger teams, higher retention rates and more authentic companies. When the idea of emotional intelligence was first brought to business 25 years ago, it was thought to be something that was nice to have, Today, leaders with high EQ's are vital to the growth and performance of every company. On this episode of ProjectHR, Consultant Sarah Scala, tells us how she helps organizations and people evolve, grow and thrive:

  • Assessing and improving emotional intelligence
  • The four components of emotional intelligence;
  • How to develop emotional intelligence in your team; 
  • How to hire for emotional intelligence; and
  • Creating a culture of high emotional intelligence
Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala

Emotional Intelligence

“What was once considered an intangible determinant of success can now be accurately measured. Emotional Intelligence can be strengthened!


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