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The UnionProof Employee Experience

The digital transformation created dramatic changes in how business is done. Barriers to entry have been eliminated in many industries, leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs to challenge every aspect of traditional business models. Startups ha...

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How to Create a Positive Employee Experience

With a few simple adjustments, you can create a positive employee experience. Transform your working environment into a positive culture of collaboration, wellness, and pride....

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Employee Recognition Ideas

We've compiled the best employee recognition ideas to help your organization increase retention and improve overall workplace culture....

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The Employee Experience: The Path to High Engagement

Every year a new trend appears, and this time it’s the “employee experience.” The employee experience is exactly what the term implies: the totality of an employee’s experience with a company. It sounds simple, but developing ...

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Helping Employees Navigate Toxic Workplace Experiences

Toxic workplaces are on the rise, and today, for the sake of their people and their bottom line, organizations must address and take action against this kind of behavior. This week on ProjectHR, Jana Morrin, CEO and Co-founder of Speakfully, a platfo...

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The Importance of Employee Recognition

If you don't have an employee recognition program in place, now's the time to create one....

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How “The Manager Experience” Affects Your Employees

The employee experience is highly influenced by the leadership example set for them: the manager experience they have. The question is: Are you training your managers, or are you assuming they know how to lead because of the positions they hold?...

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How Can My Supervisors Coach Employees to Higher Performance?

Managers at all levels – from executives to frontline supervisors - need to know how to coach their employees to higher performance, and each leader can learn how to shift from a command-and-control style to a leadership coaching style that promote...

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Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

The stressful environment people are dealing with on a routine basis is causing a lot of workforce unhappiness - employee engagement can help!...

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Employee And Labor Relations

Employee and labor relations are vital to the success of every company - and our economy. Here's everything you need to know to stay ahead....

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Becoming an Employer of Choice: The Employee Engagement Journey

The employee engagement journey goes through stages of pre-hire awareness, orientation, honeymoon, comfort, discomfort, and resolution, with the employee becoming an advocate for the employer in the end. After the honeymoon stage and beginning with...

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Why Is It So Hard Requesting Feedback From Employees?

Requesting feedback can be one of the most important steps to improving leadership skills. However, it can be uncomfortable and even difficult to solicit!...

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