An eLearning Success Story: Trader Joe’s

Today, there are many benefits in training employees via eLearning. eLearning offers flexibility, the ability to reinforce ideas with creative presentation, consistency of message and much more! But for a true eLearning success story, check out the multi award-winning safety training Projections Inc., created for specialty grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s. Using powerful content, memorable interactivity and a healthy dose of humor, Projections provided Trader Joe’s with consistent, OSHA-compliant safety training they could deploy to employees nationwide.

Using Humor to Teach

Beginning with a dry video script, the Projections’ team developed a more engaging format for delivering materials, which involved animated, interactive training modules. With numerous training topics for delivery, the Projections’ team quickly realized that the program needed a unifying element consistent with Trader Joe’s laidback, fun style—thus, Tiki Man was born. Tiki Man serves as more than a simple branding element. He guides employees through the training modules and offers necessary motivation during testing.

Trader Joes Safety Training

eLearning: “Change Approved!”

“Among employees, the ‘Say Aloha to Safety’ eLearning received a 30 percent higher approval rating than our more traditional training methods. To me, that means we’re not just passing along information—we’ve engaged employees with a memorable, effective message that will be understood and retained,” said Trader Joe’s Safety Administrator Randy Jucksch.

Trader Joes Safety ELearning

Ultimately, the Projections’ team created an interactive eLearning solution that delivered safety content in a humorous, engaging format to Trader Joe’s employees.

Projections has helped many organizations design eLearning solutions that engage employees and require them to put their knowledge into practice, using a combination of video, on-camera narration, voice-over instruction, interactive exercises, and powerful reinforcement techniques.

Trader Joes Safety Quiz

As an online learning tool, eLearning offers the ability to deliver consistent training, without the constraints of time and place or the overhead of traditional classroom training. eLearning as a format is closely aligned with the tenets of adult learning theory, allowing employees to access training materials that are immediately applicable to their career and can be completed at their own pace. eLearning offers a practical solution to help organizations wisely invest in their most valuable asset—their employees.

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