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What Are Employers Rights During Union Organizing?

If you are facing a union that is working to organize employees at your company, your first instinct may be to want to panic, and panic leads to mistakes. It’s important, however, to know there are actions you can do to prevent unionization as...

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The Golden Age of Union Organizing

Unions are having a moment right now in the United States, a moment they haven’t experienced in quite a while. Jon Hyman, an employment labor attorney, author, speaker, and blogger is here to discuss the "perfect storm" of union organizing caused b...

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What Degree Do Labor Relations Specialists Have?

If you're trying to prevent a union from organizing in your organization, is it better to have a labor relations degree - or can you do it on your own? The reality is that it depends....

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White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment

Ever since political parties changed in the federal administration, there hasn't been any doubt the White House would find multiple ways to make it easier for labor unions to gain membership and make it harder for employers to counter unionization at...

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Protected Concerted Activity Surrounding Email and Social Media

There are many forms of protected concerted activity. It could be as simple as your employees wearing buttons and pins with a labor union logo or as complex as a work stoppage to get management's attention for an employee issue. Following are some mo...

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Do You Need a Supervisory Status Analysis? Answer: Yes!

Do you need to conduct a Supervisory Status Analysis on each position you call "supervisor" or "manager"? Maybe you don't think so because isn't it obvious someone is a supervisor when they have direct reports and plan, organize, and control the wo...

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Management Consultant?

A business considering hiring a management consultant wants to access the best advice and expertise possible. When Projections previously reviewed the top management consulting firms, it was clear that being the largest company does not necessarily e...

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How Do I Avoid a ULP?

You want to develop leaders who are focused on maintaining a positive workplace culture at all times. There are numerous NLRB ULP cases that boil down to a manager or supervisor getting frustrated with employees who support unions and making a threat...

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How Do I Negotiate the First Collective Bargaining Agreement?

The union organizing campaign, followed by the union organizing drive and vote, was undoubtedly a very difficult time for your company. To win employee votes and public support, the bottom line of every union strategy is to make your company and yo...

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Establishing Your Corporate Vaccination Policy

Megan Mitchell, a Senior Communications Consultant for IRI Consultants, explains how to build and communicate your ideal corporate vaccination policy....

Corporate Compliance, Labor Law

Micro-Units: The Growing Unionization Threat

The micro-unit is a true unionization threat, leading to employers dealing with multiple collective bargaining units rather than one and creating a management nightmare....

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How to Talk to Employees About Collective Bargaining

Seven smart, factual, and legal talking points for leaders to help employees understand the realities of collective bargaining....

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