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NLRB Decisions and Their Effects on Communication Strategies

Discover how recent NLRB decisions reshape labor relations. Learn actionable steps for communication teams to navigate these changes while staying within NLRB rules....

Labor Law, Prevent Union Organizing

Employment Law Update: 2023

"The Employment Law Translator" Louis Lessig joins ProjectHR to provide key employment law updates for 2023....

Labor Law

NLRB Memo on Employer Surveillance

GC Abruzzo's memo addresses employer surveillance of employees with the intent of disrupting union activities, and she spends considerable time discussing the technologies that employers are using....

Labor Law

Making Sure Your Social Media Policy Gets it Right

You should consult legal counsel before you develop a social media policy that describes your company’s expectations for employee social media use....

Labor Law

What the Midterms Mean for the NLRB

The Midterm election's impact on labor is something that cannot be overlooked; Scott Purvis, COO for IRI Consultants Is here to discuss....

Labor Law

Union Salting And What You Need To Know

Find out exactly what is union salting, is it legal, how to know if you're being impacted, and most importantly, how to prevent it....

Labor Law

Why Would Employees Choose to Decertify a Union?

It may be due to the union failing to act in employee interests in some manner, and others are due to employers developing positive employee relations and meeting employee compensation, benefits, and working condition needs, meaning there is no reaso...

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NLRA Employee Protected Concerted Activity in Social Media Policies

he NLRB continues to issue decisions that guide what constitutes a social media policy that protects employers and employees. It's a confusing area because employer rights to restrict employee social media post content that is harmful to the business...

Labor Law, Positive Employee Relations, UP: Preventing

Protected Concerted Activity Surrounding Email and Social Media

There are many forms of protected concerted activity. It could be as simple as your employees wearing buttons and pins with a labor union logo or as complex as a work stoppage to get management's attention for an employee issue. Following are some mo...

Labor Law, Prevent Union Organizing, UP: Recognizing

How to Manage an Unfair Labor Practice (Particularly During Union Organizing)

Learning to manage an unfair labor practice well is not only necessary, but it's also vital to the outcome of the entire process....

Labor Law, UP: Responding

Half-Year Update: The Impact of the NLRB in 2022

As the mid-term elections approach, we at IRI are pausing to examine the state of labor right now, including the idea of belonging in the workplace, internal worker unions, national organizing campaigns and worker sentiment, and what is likely to be ...

Labor Law

What Are Employers Rights During Union Organizing?

If you are facing a union that is working to organize employees at your company, your first instinct may be to want to panic, and panic leads to mistakes. It’s important, however, to know there are actions you can do to prevent unionization as...

Labor Law, Union Avoidance Training, UP: Responding

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