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3 Ways Right-To-Work Laws Benefit Your Company

Table Of Contents 1. Right-to-Work Laws Boost Local Economies2. No Mandatory Union Dues3. Right-to-Work Laws Generate Higher Wages What do Arizona, Florida, and Kentucky all have in common? What about North Carolina, Indiana, and Utah? All of these s...

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NLRA Section 7: Understanding Your Employees’ Right To Choose

Table Of Contents 0.1Understanding the Minefield of Employee Rights1Violations in the Simplest Acts1.1Checklist of Section 7 'Dos and Don'ts'1.2Staying on Top For many Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals, one of the best union-proofing ...

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3 Things To Avoid in a Union “Demand For Recognition”

Table Of Contents 0.1Union Card Signing and Demand for Recognition0.2The 3 Most Common Missteps in Demand for Recognition While the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) doesn’t change year over year, decisions by the National Labor Relations Board (...

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Union Decertification: The 6 Things Employers Can’t Say

An employee walks up to you and says he and some of his co-workers want to leave the union but they don't know how. Not hiding your joy, you enthusiastically reach out to shake his hand, and tell him that you will do everything possible to help get t...

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NLRA Representation Case Checklist

If you've received a petition for a union election (or think you might), this checklist will help you get everything in order....

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How Does the Union Decertification Process Work? An Employer’s Guide

Learn the basics of the union decertification process, read examples of unfair labor practice violations, and get ideas on how to educate your employees....

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Labor Unions: Can They Work for Academia?

Table Of Contents 1The Divide Between Adjunct and Tenured Faculty2The Push to Organize3Union Promises & Tradeoffs In recent years, in order to increase membership, labor unions have turned their attention toward representing workers not typically...

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4 Tips for Crisis Control During a Labor Union Event

Whether unionized or union-free, your business can face union-specific challenges, including strikes and negative publicity in the form of corporate campaigns. However, you can take the right steps to keep these issues at bay. Here are four ways you ...

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Do I Need Labor Relations Knowledge?

Table Of Contents 1Labor Unions, Defined2Recent Developments3Where to Find Help4Where Do You Stand on Labor Relations Knowledge?4.1You Don’t Know Union History4.2You Don’t Know the Implications of Unionization4.3You Don’t Know How Unions Operat...

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