Stay Informed With This List of 10 Top Labor Relations Resources

Staying informed on the status of and trends in labor relations and labor law is crucial to staying union-free and requires taking advantage of labor relations resources. There is so much going on right now, especially concerning labor unions. The signs are there that employees are more willing to consider joining a union for many reasons. The main impetus recently is the pandemic which has made many workers feel vulnerable to health and safety risks, job loss, and a general feeling of lack of control over working conditions.  

Staying on top of labor relations and unionization trends is essential in staying union-free. It's vital to know labor union strategies, employee workplace concerns across industries, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions in Unfair Labor Practice cases, and trends in labor relations and Human Resources management, to name just a few areas of critical importance.  

Labor Relations Resources Packed with Information 

Following are ten labor relations resources that can help you stay on top of current trends and events. They are packed with information about legal issues, current union activity, NLRB decisions, leadership issues, and so much more. We chose these specific labor relations resources because they offer so much information and offer different perspectives.  

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You can only stay union-free by understanding both sides of employee perspectives and arguments for-and-against unionization and current union organizing strategies. 

  1. Join The Conversation Newsletter – The free weekly newsletter for labor relations specialists and Human Resources professionals delivers a wealth of information that covers information you need to stay union-free. It goes beyond simply reporting news related to labor unions. "Join The Conversation" also brings expert advice on topics like building positive employee relations and has links to tools and tips. 
  2. SHRM Labor Relations blog: The SHRM focuses on helping Human Resources professionals stay informed on many different issues concerning employee relations. The membership organization offers a Labor Relations blog site with a signup link to an HR Daily newsletter.  
  3. Projections Labor Relations, Leadership and Employee Engagement blog – This blog covers all the topics related to developing positive employee relations through effective leadership skills to avoid unionization. The labor relations resource also offers information business leaders need to better manage a unionized workplace with the end goal of returning to a union-free status.  
  4. JDSupra Labor & Employment Update: The legal knowledge website provides labor and employment updates with basic legal analysis. The various updates are written by different legal firms, so you can access excellent information from a legal perspective. There are also topics of interest like benefits and state labor laws.
  5. Proskauer Rose LLP Labor Relations Update blog: This is another legal blog written by an international law firm. The blogs include information on labor relations news related to Congressional bills and other actions, NLRB and NLRB Administrative Law Judge decisions, and Department of Labor and EEOC initiatives and actions. It's a very helpful labor relations resource.
  6. ProjectHR podcast: The award-winning podcast designed for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals brings expert advice from people across industries who are working in people-related areas. It includes a variety of topics related to leadership and leadership training, managing employees, diversity and inclusion, and much more. The podcasts bring you different perspectives, ideas, and up-to-date guidance on managing in today's volatile business environment.  
  7. OnLabor blog – The OnLabor blog is a labor relations resource covering five areas: labor union movements, worker organizations, the structure of work, worker representation and compensation, and government. It supports labor unions, so you get valuable information about employee and union perspectives on current events leading to increased union activity. 
  8.  McGuireWoods Insights: Another legal website, the alerts offer insights on actions related to employment law, the NLRB, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and more. It is an informative site because it covers information at the state and federal levels. You can access the alerts and webinar replays. 
  9. Labor Union Report – This website provides facts, news, and other information about unions without the union spin. It's an interesting site because it covers daily union activity and political issues and offers Union Free Radio, a podcast. You may read blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts about specific union activities, congressional actions, NLRB cases, and much more. 
  10. AFL-CIO Now blog - As promised, we bring you labor relations resources presenting both sides. This is a labor union website, so you can read labor-related news and insights written by the largest labor union in the country. The blog provides powerful insights into the labor union perspective on several issues. 

You can only stay #unionfree by understanding both sides of employee #perspectives and arguments for-and-against unionization. #unionorganizing #unionavoidance

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NLRB Rounds Out the List of Resources 

The National Labor Relations Board is an important information site for information on the content of the National Labor Relations Act, cases and decisions, recent Unfair Labor Practice charges, and union organizing petition filings. It also gives access to NLRB advice and NLRB General Counsel (GC) memos providing policy guidance. The GC memos are very useful for getting insights into the direction the NLRB is taking, and it's clearly pro-union right now.   

The Department of Labor also maintains a blog, and interestingly you can do a search on the keywords "labor unions" and get access to several blogs supporting labor unions. These blogs give you insights into the perspective of pro-union federal government leaders and others.   

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Learning the Terms 

Labor relations have never been more challenging than it is today. There are changing demographics, a pro-union federal government and numerous pro-union states, internet access enabling people across geographies to connect, and increased union activity embracing new ways to increase members, like through micro-unions. 

As you read the various resource, there are common terms used. They include but aren't limited to the following. These terms and much more are discussed in various blog posts and websites, where there is access to additional tools and resources. 

Getting comfortable with these terms is important to comprehend the impact of labor relations news on your company.   

Employers are Never Alone  

There is a lot of information available online that is geared towards helping your company stay union-free. Our mission is to bring labor relations resources under one umbrella, making it easy for you to stay up-to-date on labor relations news and strategies. The real message is that you are not alone in your efforts to stay union-free. You are encouraged to take advantage of all of the resources we offer, provided by experts in the labor relations field and the many other labor relations resources we shared above!

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