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We are in one of the most challenging eras in the history of employer relations. To steer your company through the evolution of employer/employee relations, it’s crucial to help your workforce understand and connect to the “why” behind your business.

Join the growing list of companies focused on cultivating authentic leadership with our online leadership development platform. A Better Leader provides powerful monthly training that:

  • Reduces legal liability
  • Improves productivity and motivation
  • Strengthens leadership teams
  • Creates distinguished and celebrated leaders
  • Improves retention rates
  • Builds a culture of engagement

Get consistent leadership training for your team with drag-and-drop ease.

How A Better Leader Works

A Better Leader is done-for-you online leadership training that seamlessly creates behavioral change by establishing alignment among your leadership team and across your organization. 

Deliver your specific leadership development topic to the entire organization and turn areas of potential vulnerability into perceptible strengths.

Five Ways You'll  Transform Your Teams With
A Better Leader 

First, Coordinate Unified Development

A Better Leader offers a streamlined approach to leadership development by facilitating award-winning lesson content in four key leadership areas. Explore the leadership course offerings, accessible for all skill levels, below.

Second, Focus On Leadership Alignment

A Better Leader fuels unified organizational development by providing your entire leadership team with the same topic at the same time. Schedule your teams topics for up to a year in advance with the easy-to-use administrative interface.

Then, Assess Individual Progress

A Better Leader provides the data you need to monitor leadership training progress and bridge any gaps in understanding with full compliance reporting. Get your leaders in alignment with consistent training on actionable skills.

Fourth, Keep Leaders On Track

A Better Leader delivers tailored talking points and actionable strategies for company-wide consistency in a monthly newsletter. The built-in platform feature supplements understanding of leadership development topics with themes related to the upcoming training.

Finally, Get Uninterrupted Access

A Better Leader deploys powerful and consistent leadership training every month with easy integration into your team's LMS. We offer unlimited support to make your setup and launch smooth and simple. Our leadership training platform can stand alone or work within the training systems you already have in place.

What's Included

A Better Leader's online training platform includes over three years of monthly leadership lessons that introduce, educate, and reinforce concepts for your team. A Better Leader offers:

  • Easy drag and drop online lesson scheduler
  • Extensive library of monthly leadership lesson content
  • Ability to schedule lessons up to a year in advance
  • Tailored discussion points for company-wide alignment
  • Data-driven progress reports
  • Downloadable reference sheet for every lesson
  • Interactive quizzes to test knowledge and understanding
  • BONUS leadership video content from subject matter experts

Leadership Lessons In A Better Leader

Choose from a library of robust, compelling and actionable leadership lessons each month. Explore the four key leadership areas: Support, Motivate, Improve, and Connect:


Help your leaders motivate people to achieve exceptional business goals.

Presents the common warning signs of trust issues & how leaders can restore or build trust among team members and in leadership.

Leaders learn the advantages of being flexible to include remote workers, and what that flexibility looks like. They also gain an understanding of the challenges their remote workers must overcome in order to succeed. 

Explains the importance of setting goals, breaks down different types of goals, and provides rules & tips for setting goals.

Other lessons in your Leader Motivation library include... 

Building Morale
Developing Trust
Praise & Recognition
Goal Setting & Achievement
Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

Taking Action To Inspire Productivity
Workplace Health & Well-Being
Motivating Remote Teams
UnionProof: Company Advocates


Establishes the importance of listening, types of listening, and the difference between hearing & listening.

Presents how planned connections keep leaders in the loop, plus steps & tips to having successful discussions with employees and gathering feedback.

Defines what a crisis event is and the different types of crises that can occur, as well as how important it is for leaders to help maintain business continuity during any kind of crisis

Other lessons in your Leader Connection library include... 

Brand Ambassadors
Effective Listening
Planned Connections
The Extroversion Scale

The Respectful Workplace
Employee Engagement Matters
Crisis Communication
The UnionProof Workforce


Give your leaders tools to support their teams in performing at the highest level.

Today, we’re not just talking about being “politically correct” – we’re showing leaders how their team can be more successful in a global marketplace.

Provides leaders with a clear definition of what workplace bullying is, and who it affects. They’ll also get 5 tips that they and their employees can use to diffuse bullying – PLUS a 3-Step “Bullying Rehab” plan to get things back on track!

Leaders are shown why cash is not king when it comes to rewarding employees.

Other lessons in your Leader Support library include... 

Diversity & Inclusion
Conflict Resolution
Workplace Bullying
Emotional Intelligence
Leading MultiGenerational Teams

Delegation Works
Productivity Without Spending A Dime
Work-Life Fit
The Power of Prioritization
UnionProof: Employee Voice


Provide your leaders with the skills to evolve into celebrated change-makers.

Maintaining engagement isn’t a matter of just telling your leaders to “keep up the good work.” Companies that are focused on maintaining engagement must accept that it requires committed leadership and the understanding that this is not a one-and-done effort.

Help your leaders recognize unconscious bias and work to help overcome those all-too-common roadblocks to success.The ability to recognize and respond to Implicit Bias will help your leaders build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Sometimes ethical behavior is tough to define. In this edition, we provide leaders with a 4-question quiz to determine if a decision or action is ethical.

Other lessons in your Leader Improvement library include... 

Maintaining Engagement
Implicit Bias
Introduction to Change
Ethics & Leadership
Feedback: Performance Reviews

Extroversion Diversity
Coaching Skills
Overcoming Objections to Change
Leadership & Self-Sacrifice
UnionProof: Unions 101 For Leaders


Deliver one new leader lesson every month. 





  • Affordable monthly payments, unlimited learners
  • Administrator Dashboard - schedule your lesson
  • Access to the entire library of lessons
  • All Videos, Quizzes, Downloadables, Dig A Little Deeper
  • Learner completion reports
  • Subscription renews automatically each month

Course has been excellent!

The first six weeks of the UnionProof Certification course has been excellent. Coverage of the topics are very thorough, the video lessons are concise, informative and relevant, and the supplemental reading is an excellent compliment to the materials. The homework takes some time to complete but it's an investment in yourself and your organization because it is giving you a solid foundation for creating or building your union-free plan. I thought I knew quite a bit about labor unions and union organizing but I'm happy to say I've learned a lot so far and am looking forward to the remainder of the certification program!

Great Product

A Better Leader is a great product! Please add a refresher module on the Respectful Workplace!

Very informative!

The course is very informative! It is giving me the tools to understand why Unions exist and the implication it brings to have a unionized company. The host is very pleasant and does a very good job explaining each subject. The links that are provided are full of information that helps me understand in depth the concept that is taught. It is a lot of information to digest. I am truly looking forward to learn everything that the course offers!

Monthly Lunch And Learn

We use A Better Leader with Managers and Supervisors as a monthly "lunch and learn."

I'd still spend the money all over again!

I'd still spend the money all over again! Thanks for the follow up!

Surpassed all Expectations

Projections has always been great to work with. But this time you surpassed all expectations. We placed incredibly unreasonable demands on your team, and they delivered without flinching.

Love the supplemental reading!

I like the way the course content has been broken down. The session homework assignments reinforce the session information in respect to the specific union(s) we may be facing. I love, love the supplemental reading materials and the glossary of terms and the office hours.

HR Business Partner
Philip Peters Optical Cable Corporation
HR Generalist
Bonnie Turner Elkhart Plastics, Inc.
Bob Schroder
Labor & Employment Atttorney
Labor Relations Manager