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Internal and External Communications Alignment Strategies: The Power of Speaking with One Voice

There are many approaches, but this includes five strategies that can help your organization develop and maintain internal and external communications alignment. ...

Employee Communication

Transportation & Logistics Industry Labor Challenges for 2023

This article will explain the transportation & logistics industry labor challenges this industry is facing in 2023....

Positive Employee Relations

How Can Hiring a Labor Relations Consultant Affect Positive Employee Relations?

Instead of appearing on the scene only when adverse events like a union organizing campaign begin, the labor relations consultants work with employers to build better connections between people in the workplace....


Conducting an Internal Communications Audit

The internal communications audit drives the strategy to elevate employee engagement and promote positive employee relations....

Employee Communication

Management vs Leadership: Is There Really a Difference?

Leadership is based on a vision of change through opportunities, whereas management vision is based on reaching pre-determined goals and objectives....

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees

Looking at employees’ past performance or management recommendations has traditionally been how organizations identify high-potential employees, but that is not an effective process anymore for several reasons....

Connected Employees, Positive Employee Relations

HR Issues in 2023: What’s Keeping HR Up At Night?

The following sections offer a summary, based on our deep knowledge of unions and the labor market, of the significant challenges that will cause HR issues in 2023. ...

Positive Employee Relations

Boosting Employee Engagement in the Automotive Industry

Attracting talent and retaining employees has become a critical need, so boosting employee engagement in the automotive industry becomes a strategy for sustainable success in an industry marked by disruption. ...

Disengaged Employees, Employee Communication

Keeping Employee Engagement High With Boring Internal Communications

Internal communications & employee engagement go hand-in-hand, but only if your employees are watching, listening, or reading the message....

Connected Employees, Employee Communication

Looking Behind the Bureau of Labor Statistics Union Membership Report

Following are some significant statistics that were reported in the annual BLS 2022 union membership report. ...

Positive Employee Relations, Union Organizing

Showing Appreciation with Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer recognition can elevate leadership recognition by confirming, adding to, and even filling in the recognition gaps and can support a positive workplace culture, among other benefits....

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

Leverage Video for Internal Communications

In a world where people prefer video over text, it's the ideal opportunity for employers to embrace video for internal communications to educate and inform employees, improve engagement, and strengthen the workplace culture....

Employee Communication

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