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How To Successfully Guide Team Members Through Change

If you find yourself faced with a massive (or even minor) change in the workplace, wondering how you'll get buy-in from your team members and move everyone through the change curve successfully, you're not alone. Organizational change doesn't have to...

Leadership Training, Positive Employee Relations

Why Do Companies Need Management Consulting?

Many companies are asking themselves if they have a need for management consulting. Here are a few things to consider to answer that question.Management consultants are problem solvers, advice-givers, and expertise sharers, filling in skills and know...

Consulting, Leadership Training

How Independent Workers Unions Are Different… or Are They?

You can stay union-free – of any type of union – by gaining a more profound knowledge of the reasons for employees forming an independent union and responding with a strategy to develop positive employee relationships. ...

Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

What is the Best Strategy for Poor Communication Between Managers?

Managers sometimes experience a communication breakdown, causing tension and uncertainty among their employees. When that happens, employee engagement is bound to suffer. Though some creative differences may lead to innovation, you need a strategy ...

Disengaged Employees, Positive Employee Relations

How Do I Negotiate the First Collective Bargaining Agreement?

The union organizing campaign, followed by the union organizing drive and vote, was undoubtedly a very difficult time for your company. To win employee votes and public support, the bottom line of every union strategy is to make your company and yo...

Labor Law, Positive Employee Relations

How to Make a Crisis Communication Plan

Your organization never knows when a crisis can threaten your company’s reputation, employee engagement, and the trust of stakeholders. That fact alone directs the need for a crisis communication plan because a crisis can quickly spiral into devast...

Employee Communication, Positive Employee Relations

Becoming an Employer of Choice: The Employee Engagement Journey

The employee engagement journey goes through stages of pre-hire awareness, orientation, honeymoon, comfort, discomfort, and resolution, with the employee becoming an advocate for the employer in the end. After the honeymoon stage and beginning with...

Employee Communication, Employer of Choice

Preparing for Union Contract Negotiations

When it’s time for new union contract negotiations, the stress level goes up several notches, and your leaders’ training on maintaining positive employee relations is put to the test....

Positive Employee Relations, Union Campaign Communication

How to Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

That's the purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan – to make your efforts intentional and engaging for employees, moving beyond words to make diversity and inclusion a reality for employees. ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building

Ten Building Blocks of Employee Engagement

The building blocks of employee engagement starts with building positive employee relations. This is a process that requires a good leadership foundation upon which practical daily leadership skills and behaviors add the blocks needed for employee su...

Authentic Leadership, Positive Employee Relations

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion is a common topic today, but the perspective often considers it an issue about government compliance. The reality is that Diversity and Inclusion is about being globally competitive, creative, and innovative, and organizational ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Training

The Importance of Shared Goals in the Workplace

Creating common ground through shared goals is not easy at work. It's especially true today as the workforce is reshaped in many ways, with some changes starting long before COVID-19 and others triggered by the pandemic. But any experienced negotiato...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

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