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Connecting Remote Employees Tips for Leaders

Tips for Connecting Remote Employees

We’ll cover some of the most important tips for connecting with remote teams, keeping your remote employees engaged, and improving overall communication and workplace connection!

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best new hire orientation ideas roundup

Best New Hire Orientation Ideas Roundup

We’re excited to put together the best in new hire orientation ideas! Thes ideas will help you start every employee in a way that creates engagement!

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why managers need sexual harassment prevention training

Why Managers Need Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

our training program most likely tells employees to report instances of sexual harassment to a manager, which is essential. But the problem is: where do managers go if they want to report sexual harassment? More importantly, do your managers know about sexual harassment prevention?

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nine harassment training features to consider

9 Harassment Training Features to Consider

We’re never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to competition, and we want every company we work with to be as informed as possible. Here is a list of nine crucial harassment training features to consider, as well as what other providers may offer.

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the challenges of training with video by projections

The Challenges of Training with Video

Corporate videos give you an efficient, accurate way to communicate with employees. If you have dwelled on the challenges of training, you should learn the truth about corporate video production before you make any decisions.

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5 Strategies to improve employee retention by projections

5 Strategies to Improve Employee Retention

Recruiting and hiring the best talent is only the beginning. After a talented employee is hired, many businesses and companies forget that employee retention is an equally important part of the equation. Here are some of the most effective tips and strategies to improve employee retention, and keep top performers from taking their skills and […]

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Abusive Conduct from Projections, Inc.

Abusive Conduct: Harassment In the Workplace

Abusive conduct, or workplace bullying, is a problem for many companies. But few companies address it as part of their harassment prevention. Here’s how to do that.

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Inspire New Hires from Projections, Inc.

Inspire New Hires! How To Create A Stellar Orientation Video

Inspire new hires and create a stellar orientation video where every employee is provided with a consistent welcome message that emphasizes the importance of every role at the company.

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Motivate New Employees With These 6 Great Tips from Projections, Inc.

Motivate New Employees: Six Great Tips

Motivate new employees with these sexy great tips on how you can use video to improve the onboarding process. Short videos and easy access are just the start!

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Communication Mistakes in the Workplace from Projections, Inc.

Communication Mistakes in the Workplace

Realize what the common communication mistakes are in the workplace. Once you do, you’ll start encouraging your employees to work better.

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