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8 Things To Know About Working With IRI Consultants & Projections

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Finding the right management consulting firm to provide you with the resources and advice you need can be like looking for a needle - in a stack of needles.

If you need support with a union organizing campaign, developing leaders, or employee communications, you’ve come to the right place.

Management Consulting Firm Values

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8 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us

From the moment they contact us, our clients experience superior service. Our team has extensive understanding of labor relations, employee engagement, and overall leadership development. With over 4 decades of experience, we never miss a beat.

Beyond our comprehensive experience, our clients choose us because we care. We know that real people are at the heart of every company - big and small. We know that connection is what it is all about, and we bring that connection to work with us every day. Below are 8 reasons why our clients choose to work with us and how we are different from every other management consulting firm. 


we do this because we believe in it

Our clients are the kind of companies who are willing to do the hard work to build the strongest workforce in their industry. We are inspired every day by the advances and connections and great leaps forward these employers


relationships above all

Our business is built on our dedication to love, protect, and respect everyone our work touches.


results matter

But they are not the only thing that matters. We make decisions, own the outcome, and celebrate the wins.



We invest the time and resources needed to seek out innovative solutions. Never resting on our laurels, our creativity keeps our clients ahead of challenges.


there is power in inclusiveness

We believe in nurturing a positive, supportive, and collaborative team environment where diverse thought rules the day.


authenticity builds trust

Authenticity - making sure our actions match our words - helps us build deeper connections. Our team is dedicated to respectful relationships that create success for all.


time is finite

We never waste time, as it’s the one resource we can’t get more of. Our dedication and sense of urgency means we meet every deadline, every time.


we're not for everyone

We have a unique approach and our positive outlook is rare in this industry. We’re straight-shooting truth-tellers and we believe that with the right support every company can become an employer of choice

Consulting + Training Resources, The Winning Combo

Aside from our consulting services, we also offer off-the-shelf products that you can purchase and deploy immediately. From comprehensive training in labor relations, to training on the many details and nuances of sexual harassment, we have award-winning products and resources to fit all of your workforce's needs. And the best part is, you can start training your employees now.

Below are our top 3 most popular employee training resources that our clients have raved about. You can also view our full product line on our resources page.

The Respectful Workplace

This interactive harassment prevention eLearning is delivered online straight to employees. Each module includes engaging video, powerful narration, cinema-quality production of realistic scenarios, and interactive quizzes.

leadership training

A Better Leader

This done-for-you online leadership training seamlessly creates behavioral change across your organization. Deliver specific leadership development topics to the entire organization and turn your vulnerabilities into strengths.


This labor relations communication platform provides unlimited access to hundreds of videos, websites and e-Learning resources. Your message can be delivered any time, any where, by any member of your leadership or supervisory team.



Director of Personnel

I showed our new employee orientation program for what seemed like the four hundredth time yesterday, and I wanted to write and let you know that it is STILL doing the trick! 


Director, Associate Relations

Thank you for the terrific job the Projections team did on the Sears Management training e-Learning program. The response from our managers has been everything we hoped it would be.  


Corporate Director, Comp & Benefits 

Let me say the results of our communication to our employees was very positive. As a team, Projections and Michelin delivered news to our employees about a complicated topic - communication that was understood, on time, and on budget. I thank your team for a job well done!


Happy Clients


Manager, Retail Training & Sales Support Services

On behalf of the Honey Baked Ham Company, I want to thank you for the outstanding work your company did. Your team was extremely competent and professional. What impressed us most was your team's ability to take our initial thoughts and capture our vision to deliver our message in the precise format that is consistent with our culture.  The end product exceeded our expectations!

Let's Make It Happen

IRI Consultants + Projections offer a unique experience when it comes to management consulting. With our team of passionate consultants plus a library of award-winning employee training resources, we can help transform your company from top to bottom.

Our mission is to connect with our clients so that together we can develop a powerful employee engagement strategy - and through this strategy - your workforce feels more connected to each other and your business.