What’s the Best Harassment Prevention Training?

Harassment in the workforce, regardless of the type, is never wanted. When it does happen, HR staff needs to scour through their policies and procedures and ensure that they are updated. If they wish to change something, they must do research to discover the best harassment prevention training for their company.

What Is Harassment Prevention Training?

Harassment Prevention training is a method of interacting with all employees/company members to reduce and prevent claims of harassment. Employees need to be educated on this topic, as it prevents a toxic work environment, and keeps employees happier and healthier. When employees are happy and in good mental health at work, productivity increases as well.

There are many types of harassment, and harassment prevention training is geared towards eliminating/reducing that. These include sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, actions, gestures due to appearance, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, disability, age, education, medical conditions, or even political affiliation.

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How Harassment Prevention Training Helps

Harassment prevention training helps employees to understand what is and isn’t acceptable workplace behavior and what professional behavior looks like. While many companies have gossiping employees and those who toe the lines with potentially crude humor, they also may potentially have problem employee(s). This person may be sending inappropriate emails, discriminating against someone, or lightly bullying someone and it could be going unreported.

The employees around that person might be putting up with it either out of the belief that nothing will be done, or it isn’t that bad in their opinion, or they are used to it. However, a new person could arrive, see what is going on and decide that they aren’t going to put up with that sort of thing and contact the EEOC to report what is going on, especially once they hear the employees haven’t reported the person in the past and nothing has been done to stop the person who has been doing the harassment. If harassment prevention training has been occurring, the unwanted behavior could have been stopped sooner.

How To Choose A Harassment Prevention Training Program

When it comes to choosing the best harassment prevention training, the HR staff must tailor the training to the situation within the company. Harassment prevention in New York City, New York State, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, and Delaware may be radically different as there may be different training requirements. The best harassment training might be online harassment prevention training, or it might end up being something else entirely.

There are likely different groups within the company as well, that a harassment prevention training must be adapted for. The supervisors and those in other higher positions need to receive training which is slightly different from others within the organization.

Harassment Prevention Training Programs

Luckily, there are harassment prevention training programs out there and they are easy to find. However, they are not a one-size-fits-all-solution, and it’s better to compare programs and choose the right one for your company. Here are five such harassment prevention training programs.

Clear Law Institute

Clear Law Institute offers individuals to take either a single course or join an all-access membership program to access over 2,000 webinars. If there are any questions, there is a chat box to direct someone to what they need to find. Additionally, they can call a phone number which will help them do the same.


There are over 2,000 webinars in six different categories. These categories are: Accounting, compliance and ethics, investigations, law, human resources, and management. The videos list the date of first broadcast, the time it started and the duration of the webinar.


With over 2,000 webinars, it would be difficult to know where to start, even with filters to narrow down selections. In the HR category, there are over 600 webinars to choose from. Of course, it will take even more time to determine how many of those the company actually needs.

HR Train

HR Train is onboard to help you get on track with your harassment prevention training needs. They assist with the employee training requirements for California, Delaware, New York City, and New York State. HR Train partners with your company, provides specific training and is designed to include the policies and procedures of those they work with.


Their courses are engaging. There are videos, an easy to search table of contents, short quizzes, and word searches with related words to be found by the trainee. Employees can even have their personality styles assessed and receive suggestions on how to better get along with others. They do offer demos


Those who are looking for a price must sign up to purchase, even if they can later remove it from their cart. There is no price listed, so anyone interested must fill out an online form to receive a quote.

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Kantola Training Solutions offers harassment prevention training in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Main, New York, and other US states. They also have training solutions for those in Canada as well. Kantola was founded in 1985 by a psychologist, Steve Kantola. Kantola Training Solutions is currently affiliated with Stanford University, Toastmasters International, and Society for Human Resource Management. In the past six years, over 14,000 organizations have used Kantola.


They offer courses in harassment training, diversity and inclusion, bullying and respect, workplace violence, and others. Companies can check out the free, full-length videos for a preview or the interactive eLearning courses to see if it is for them. There are a number of formats to choose from, DVDs, study guides, and more. Training comes in Canadian French, English, and Spanish. They also have other languages upon request.

As for pricing and features, one of their DVDs is around $700 for the employee and manager training, interactive eLearning for classroom streaming costs $900, and is designed to be in a trainer-led setting. It is all very easy to use.


The Interactive eLearning and Simplified eLearning modules outside of the classroom streaming module do not have prices, a quote must be requested.

Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace is a cost-effective harassment prevention training program for both employees and managers. There are multiple training methods, whether it is led in the classroom or is an online training method that is fully interactive. There are five sessions for employees and six sessions for managers and others who are in a position of authority.


Aside from courses, The Respectful Workplace also has a blog, which is also an informational tool for those wishing to read further about a topic. The training is cost-effective, with three options to choose from. Each course is fully state compliant. More cost effective to go with the annual subscription.


While the classroom-led is not an annual subscription, it doesn’t mention anything about including all the updates. If a company wished to update, they would have to purchase it again for all the updates.


Traliant offers to take compliance training sessions from boring to engaging and brilliant. Their products include sexual harassment training, unconscious bias, diversity, and many others. Traliant is committed to delivering compliance training in a format similar to what people would find on Hulu or Netflix. It offers a learning system that is built around the needs of the organizations they are serving.


There are interactive videos, high-quality graphics, a navigation feature that allows learners to go their own path and see what happens. Employees can even earn points and follow their scores to compete against colleagues before being assessed on how much and what they have learned. There is also a free trial.


It is unknown how much it would cost as there are no prices listed anywhere. You can simply see that they are rated five stars. To find out how much the courses are, someone would have to call or email Traliant.

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What To Make Sure The Employees Understand

When it comes to making sure employees receive the full benefit of their harassment prevention training, there are a few things they need to understand.

  • The trainer needs to clarify that the training be taken seriously.
  • Inform employees that the higher-ups are also involved and interested in the harassment prevention training.
  • All forms of harassment need to be addressed
  • Both subtle and severe forms of harassment need to be addressed
  • Inform them that the solution is not to avoid those who are different, but to interact with them in a way that does not constitute harassment.
  • Those in positions of authority need to be trained first.

Why Harassment Trainings Fail

Sometimes harassment prevention training fails and it is up to the company to understand why. Perhaps the guidelines weren’t clear, or the employees decided to disregard the training and continue the harassment. Furthermore, it’s possible the people in charge make it clear that they don’t take it seriously. Employees can tell if the training is to check off a box to satisfy legal requirements. Also training that focused only on preventing negative behavior didn’t work as well as training which helped managers understand and address harassment incidents.

Possible Solutions

There are some possible solutions to prevent harassment training failure. Other than training more often and more intensely, one possible solution is to promotemore qualified women into management positions. Studies have shown that companies with women in a management position have less issues with sexual harassment, as other men aren’t feeling pressured to accept any inappropriate behavior of “men in charge.”

Another solution would be to encourage reporting. After the employees are encouraged to report, the harassment complaints will initially increase. This is a good thing. After the initial increase of harassment reports, the managers who have encouraged the reporting should be rewarded. It isn’t that the people living with the harassment at work want the person gone from the workplace, they just want the unwanted behavior to stop. The person might not understand what it is that they are doing, but once they realize they might stop and be a great person to work with. Sometimes, without proper training and reporting, those participating in the harassment are often fired and don’t understand why. Often times, they don’t consider how they see themselves from another person’s point of view.

Finding the best harassment prevention training is crucial for your company. A company providing harassment prevention training must be aware of the training requirements of each state, such as New York, as well as address nuanced situations in the workplace. When you are ready to take a step forward towards a new harassment prevention training, why not rely on someone with two decades of experience?

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