podcast episode ont he great resignation with steve dion


Founder and CEO of Dion Leadership, Steve Dion, discusses The Great Resignation movement and how employers can better understand what today’s employees want and need.

10 Top Trends Shaping Leadership Training and Development

A lot is happening in the leadership development and employee training arena, driven by technology, the increased size of the remote worker population, new generations of workers, and advances in brain science. The trends shaping leadership training ...

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Current Trends in Labor Relations

Nick Munday, Managing Director for our parent company, IRI Consultants, is here to discuss what labor trends we should be paying attention to and much more!...

Labor Law, Positive Employee Relations

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion is a common topic today, but the perspective often considers it an issue about government compliance. The reality is that Diversity and Inclusion is about being globally competitive, creative, and innovative, and organizational ...

Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Training

The Emotions and Reality of the “Resignation Nation”

What are employers to think about the developing "Resignation Nation" consultants are talking about more frequently, and how does this affect your ability to stay union-free? Positive employee relations result from a formula of employer caring for pl...

Prevent Union Organizing, Union Avoidance Training

The Importance of Shared Goals in the Workplace

Creating common ground through shared goals is not easy at work. It's especially true today as the workforce is reshaped in many ways, with some changes starting long before COVID-19 and others triggered by the pandemic. But any experienced negotiato...

Authentic Leadership, Team Building

From Crisis Response to New Standard: Optimizing Remote & Hybrid Workplans

ProjectHR welcomes Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting, to talk about how companies can sustain and support the use of remote work models as part of the new way forward....

Team Building


You've heard about SMART goals, but what about SMARTER goals? Learn how to work smarter, not harder....

Leadership Training

How Unions Are Using Digital Communications to Organize Your Employees

Increasingly, social media and digital communications and digital communications have become important organizing tools for labor unions. Moreover, according to a recent Labor and Employment Report, social-media organizing is particularly effective a...

Prevent Union Organizing, UP: Recognizing

Creating A Customized Professional Development Program

The Career Toolkit author Mark Herschberg joins ProjectHR to explain how to create a custom professional development program that can improve ROI and engagement...

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It’s Time: What You Need to Know to Establish Your Vaccination Policy

Don’t be afraid to establish an HR policy because the COVID-19 vaccine is a workplace Human Resources issue that needs addressing like all other HR concerns. Without a policy, it’s nearly impossible for your managers and supervisors to maintain c...

Corporate Compliance

Examples of Goals for Work

The examples of goals for work for employee performance and development purposes in the succeeding sections follow the SMART goals guidelines. As a reminder, SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. These a...

Disengaged Employees, Employee Training Resources

Preparing for the Unexpected: Facing a Unionization Campaign

As an employer, you may find yourself unexpectedly facing a unionization campaign. But if you laid the proper groundwork long before the signs a union organizing campaign is in the making, responding is much easier and more likely to lead to a "no" v...

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