Podcast Episode on Gender Equality in the Workplace with Ellen Voie


Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of the Women in Trucking Association, discusses ways to address gender equality within your organization and how company success is directly linked.

2022 Trends in Labor Management Consulting

To stay relevant, labor management consulting firms and consultants must adapt. As we look ahead to 2022, the following trends are reshaping the focus and strategies of labor management consultants striving to assist organizations across industries w...

Consulting, Positive Employee Relations

How Do I Hire a Labor Relations Consultant?

A labor relations consultant is a specialist in all areas regarding relations between company management and employees and can also work with management to protect the organization’s reputation during times of crisis. That is the simple description...


InHospitable: Corporate Reputation Management

Mike Lake, Managing Director of Communications at IRI Consultants, explains the critical role HR professionals play in corporate reputation management....

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Labor Activity In Health Care Report: Five Surprising Findings

For over two decades, the IRI Consultants research team has evaluated the state of labor in the health care industry. Every six months, the Labor Activity in Health Care Report issues critical findings, guiding organizations on the best holistic stra...

Prevent Union Organizing

How Do I Avoid a ULP?

You want to develop leaders who are focused on maintaining a positive workplace culture at all times. There are numerous NLRB ULP cases that boil down to a manager or supervisor getting frustrated with employees who support unions and making a threat...

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Stop Micromanaging: Learn to Delegate and Stop Bad Management Habits

Micromanaging is a toxic habit that can quickly turn into a full-on addiction. It's easy to do and hard to stop, especially if you're the boss. But it's not just bad for your employees; micromanaging is also bad for you and can be harmful to your com...

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Delegation In Leadership

As a leader, the delegation process can be complex due to our fear of not knowing what will happen if we let go of the reins or the feeling of passing the buck to someone else. Appropriately done, delegation in leadership can help create successful t...

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Managing Tough Conversations: How Improvisation Can Get You Through

Improvisation is based on positivity and agreement. “Yes, and” is the way improvisers make anything happen. Managing tough conversations with the improviser’s outlook is powerful. Positivity means looking for the best in people and in situatio...

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InHospitable: Corporate Reputation Management

The internal and external communication plans must be aligned in effective corporate reputation management. The last thing you want is conflicting messaging. The internal communication and public relations teams may have different audiences, and the ...

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How Your Leaders Can Answer The Question, “Should I Join A Union?”

Your managers and supervisors must always stay prepared to speak to employees about unions, and answer all employee questions that come up, including "should I join a union?" whether that question is asked directly or indirectly. If you're a CHRO who...

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Motivating Remote Teams

Remote team members are often overlooked, although it's never something that's done on purpose. The truth is that it's hard motivating remote teams when those employees are not coming into the office regularly, and don't have as strong of a connectio...

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Hacking HR: Advancing HR Technology

We are joined today by Enrique Rubio, Founder of Hacking HR, to discuss the disconnect between HR and technology and how to develop a sense of community within our industry....

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