Why Should I Get a Labor Relations Certification?

It’s a Tuesday, and you’re walking through the employee break room on your way to the bathroom. You happen to overhear two of your best employees whispering, while one of them openly admitted to fudging the numbers of a shift recap report over the weekend.

This type of situation isn’t entirely uncommon in the workplace. We’ve already talked about why it’s important that you have a labor relations professional in your workplace. A labor relations certification could ultimately be the solution to avoid this confusion and frustration entirely. What do you do when faced with this dilemma with your employees? Do you face the problem head-on, and have a serious conversation with the said employee regarding their actions and their motivations? Or are your hands tied, with your only point of contact being a union rep who frequently doesn’t answer their phone? Whether your employees are union or not will dictate your next steps as a manager.

Creating Certified Leaders

Here at UnionProof, we provide you with the ability to get your leaders certified in labor relations, and we’ll further explain just why we think it’s so important for your workplace. Training your managers and leaders with a labor relations certification will ensure that you will always have the ability to keep open lines of communication with your team. Your leaders will have the tools necessary to avoid conflict, thus preventing the threat of becoming a union house.

Which is Better for your Workplace: Online or In-Person Labor Relations Certification?

Labor Relations Certifications are frequently wrapped up in a large, expensive, Bachelor of Science degree from various private and public universities or colleges. Many certification programs offer similar certifications in a classroom setting, meaning your best leaders are out of the workplace, disengaged, and bored.

According to a 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace. That same report shared that talent developers depend more on online learning solutions than ever before. Considering online learning is often times just as effective, if not more so, than classroom learning, and certainly more cost-effective, this can mean you are likely spending more, for your employees to absorb less.

The UnionProof certification and exam are administered online. These online classes give your leaders and managers the ability to complete each training module at their own speed, wherever they feel most comfortable. When employees can learn at their own pace online, not in a classroom setting, they feel they “have a purpose behind their learning efforts and can leverage it to drive their performance, develop skills and grow in their careers.” They’ll be able to remain present in the workplace and won’t skip a beat when needing to attend to necessary everyday work tasks. What’s more, let’s say that within a year of your leaders becoming certified, your laborers still decide to unionize. UnionProof will provide you a full year of ProofBox training to help your leaders continue to engage with their employees and develop a productive and gainful culture in the workplace.

Remaining a Union-Free Workplace

There are hundreds of reasons to keep your workplace union-free via union campaign training. Maintaining a healthy professional relationship with your team and employees will keep them engaged and productive. This all boils down to creating a healthy culture that fosters growth and cooperation. Every human, by nature, wants to feel valued and useful. Unions threaten managers’ ability to guide and develop their team to success, inhibiting progressive discipline, and creating an environment filled with red tape preventing necessary changes in the workplace. Manager-employee relations are essential to be able to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, lowering turn over, increasing profits, and never having to worry about unionizing.

So, let’s revisit the original scenario in the breakroom. The manager that overheard this conversation happening uses the skills they developed through their labor relations certification, and therefore was able to pull this employee aside. They have a private discussion regarding why they thought it would be okay to make up fake data for the end-of-shift reports. The manager was able to find out that one of the other employees wasn’t pulling their weight, and she felt obligated to cover for him. As a result, the manager was able to look into the colleague that wasn’t finishing their job to completion, and put them on a performance improvement plan. The manager was able to hold the employee accountable. They are maintaining and building a trusting professional relationship with the rest of the team – and working to create an atmosphere without distrust or discomfort.

A UnionProof Workplace Culture

The previous scenario would have ended much differently with union involvement. Unions thrive on expensive dues, and being able to control and protect their members with negotiation skills, but fail to empathize with each individual employee. This is advantageous in the big picture but is not sustainable in the long term success of your team members, leaders, or for your company in its entirety.

If you’re ready to take the next steps to ensure you and your leaders have the skills and tools required to handle labor relations in the workplace, we would love to be that resource for you. With a UnionProof certification, you’ll lead with the exact knowledge you need to build each piece of your labor relations strategy. You’ll get a return on your investment the second you start incorporating this knowledge into your labor relations strategy. Click the banner below, and we can begin your certification.

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