The TIPS Rule Explained!

The TIPS Rule Explained! - UnionProof

The TIPS Rule: Explained!

Today, a union can gain recognition 
based solely on something one of your leaders said to an employee.

Watch one minute of this powerful video now:

The NEW "TIPS Rule: Explained" video will educate your leaders on how to protect employee rights under the NLRA.

Make Sure Your Leaders Are Ready!

The TIPS Rule is vital, no matter if your company has units that are unionized or if you are completely union-free! Your managers and supervisors need to understand the ways in which they are not allowed to communicate during an organizing drive. In fact, a union could be working right now to represent your employees, and if your leaders don't know the TIPS Rule, you could find yourself:

  • Being charged with an Unfair Labor Practice
  • Answering those charges before the NLRB, and paying for legal counsel
  • Watching as the NLRB awards the union representation of your employees
  • Bargaining with a third party over your company's wages, benefits, and more!

Empower your leaders with the TIPS Rule, in a way that's memorable and useful - all in under 6 minutes!

The TIPS Rule: Explained!
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