Best New Hire Orientation Ideas Roundup

If you’re hiring this year, you’ll want to think beyond just finding the right people for the right positions. New hires need so much more than just job fit. Especially in today’s environment, where workers tend to change jobs every 3 to 5 years, the orientation process is vital to long-term success.

Here at Projections, we have been providing companies with the best in new hire orientation ideas and videos for more than 40 years. That means we have a LOT of experience in what works! If you’re ready to step up your onboarding efforts, you’re in the right place! We’re excited to put together a list of some of our most popular knowledge on new hire orientation. We’re going to guide you to the best of the best, starting your new employees off in a way that benefits your entire company.

Onboard New Hires

For starters, you need to have a solid introduction to the company for your new hires. That means it should include the top things you want every employee to know. Here, step-by-step, are new hire orientation ideas for creating a killer video that accomplishes those goals: Inspire New Hires! How To Create A Stellar Orientation Video

inspire new hires

Motivate New Hires

Next, let’s talk about motivation! Your most motivated employees also become productive and engaged. According to SHRM, effective onboarding increases job satisfaction, organizational commitment and performance levels. Here are six great new hire orientation ideas to help you motivate your new hires and ensure they are eager to start contributing to your organization: Motivate New Employees: Six Great Tips

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Be Consistent With New Hires

The best way to make sure every employee understands the company’s values, mission and vision is to communicate it consistently, from day one. But what makes your orientation video really memorable and impactful? Is it a great customer testimonial? A strong narrative? Good production values? The truth is, it’s all of the above! Here are five truly inspirational new hire orientation ideas that optimize employee orientation: 5 Great Ideas for your Employee Onboarding Video

5 Great ideas for employee onboarding video

Welcome New Hires

Letting new employees know that you value and care about them establishes a collaborative atmosphere that encourages low turnover and high productivity. Key advantages of using videos to onboard new hires include training consistency and flexible topic presentation. You’ll also want creative content, efficient delivery of the information and informative engagement. What does all that mean? Check out these Advantages of New-Hire Orientation Videos!

advantages of new hire orientation videos

Consistent Onboarding Improvement

Even if you think your onboarding game is on-point, there may still be ways to improve it! Video is one way to get consistent, but you may also want to dive into online onboarding, providing a whole host of opportunities to connect with your most receptive new minds. Here are three great new hire orientation ideas you can implement right now: Three Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Strategy

New-Hire Orientation Expertise

Ultimately, onboarding new hires properly is a unique process for every company. But the concept of welcoming the new employee consistently is vital to the success of your organization. That means that across departments, over time, and encompassing all skill levels and positions, your new hires “get it!” Getting employees started – in the right way – is what creates an engaged employee who is less likely to turn to outside resources (such as attorneys, unions, or government agencies) to solve challenges.

With a killer orientation video, you can improve your company’s culture- and create an involved and focused workforce.

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About the Author Walter Orechwa

Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. As the creator of Union Proof Certification, Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.