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How the NLRA Can Help You Stay Union-Free

Congress enacted the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) in 1935 to “protect the rights of employees and employers, to encourage collective bargaining, and to curtail certain private sector labor and management practices, which ca...

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Your Union Free Strategy: Becoming An Employer of Choice

The key word in “Positive Employee Relations” (PERS) is the word “positive.” You can have negative relations between managers and staff, but negative relations lead to low employee engagement, leading to a union organizing campaign. One of th...

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Virtual Union Organizing: The Latest Strategy for Employees

Every stage of union organizing used to become apparent quickly. Today, virtual union organizing makes keeping up with the process difficult....

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Labor Unions and Bargaining for the Common Good

What does "bargaining for the common good" mean, and what can employers learn from this model to stay union-free?...

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Developing Your Positive Employee Relations Strategy

One of the challenges you must overcome in developing and implementing a positive employee relations strategy is not being overwhelmed by the complexity of managing in today's workplace. ...

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You’ve Got Issues: Here’s What Companies Need to Know About Google’s “Alphabet Workers Union”

Early January 2021, two Google software engineers made a startling announcement. They had formed a union: the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)....

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Disadvantages of Unions on Company Culture

What are the disadvantages of unions on company culture? "The entire dynamics of the company culture change," says Jennifer Orechwa, Chief Operating Officer at Projections, Inc., "and the harsh reality is that it is often not for the better without a...

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How Could Unions Use the Clubhouse App to Organize Your Employees?

We’ve recognized how the sort of communication and discussion utilized by Clubhouse could be used for union organizing, and we’ll cover what you should be aware of to remain a union-free workplace. ...

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NLRA Employee Rights in Social Media Policies

he NLRB continues to issue decisions that guide what constitutes a social media policy that protects employers and employees. It's a confusing area because employer rights to restrict employee social media post content that is harmful to the business...

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Can I Allow My Employees to Moonlight?

Americans have moonlighted ever since work was invented for the apparent reason that it’s a way to earn extra money. In some cases, they have dual motives. Employers may be wondering if they must allow employees to "moonlight," that is, have a seco...

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2021 – Current Trends in Labor Relations

Now, what can employers expect to deal with next year? What are some of the current trends in labor relations we can expect to encounter in 2021? What does the employment landscape look like?...

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What Does a Labor Relations Specialist Do?

While some companies choose to retain a consultant or a Labor Relations Attorney on a contract basis, many have a Labor Relations Specialist as a permanent position. ...

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