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Avoiding Reputation Damage with a Corporate Campaign Vulnerability Assessment

A corporate campaign is a union-led, multi-pronged attack against an employer. Unions use this strategy to compel employers to concede to union demands for card checks, election agreements, or neutrality during organizing campaigns or to bargaining ...

Union Campaign Communication

Digital Organizing Campaigns: Labor’s TikTok Tactics

Daniel Schwartz, Partner at Shipman & Goodwin and Creator of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog explains why it's time for professionals to take digital communication and union social media tactics seriously....

Positive Employee Relations, Union Campaign Communication

Strike Contingency Planning: Are You Prepared?

Say the word "strike," and what comes to mind? A good guess is "labor union." The assumption naturally follows that strike contingency planning is for union companies, while non-union companies only need to plan when a union organizing threat becomes...

Prevent Union Organizing, Union Campaign Communication

Preparing for Union Contract Negotiations

When it’s time for new union contract negotiations, the stress level goes up several notches, and your leaders’ training on maintaining positive employee relations is put to the test....

Positive Employee Relations, Union Campaign Communication

Using a Dedicated Website to Communicate During a Union Organizing Drive

If you're committed to keeping your organization union-free, you need to make sure your online employee relations resources are as powerful as what any union might offer your employees. At the top of this list of resources should be an employee-focus...

Union Campaign Communication, UP: Responding

Virtual Union Organizing: The Latest Strategy for Employees

Every stage of union organizing used to become apparent quickly. Today, virtual union organizing makes keeping up with the process difficult....

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The Union Has Filed a Petition: Do this NOW

Having worked with thousands of employers of all sizes, UnionProof understands the natural panic response. We are here to help, so suggest you take the following first four steps to get on the right track immediately. ...

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How to Respond to Union Organizing

The key is to be proactive. You can make your situation better by connecting with your employees. Here's what you need to know....

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What are the Benefits of FAQs on a Union Campaign Website?

Our team of professionals include experts in union avoidance and union decertification if the employer already has a unionized workforce. One of the most important advice they offer employers is to establish an FAQs web page as an element of a union ...

Union Campaign Communication, UP: Responding

How to Use Social Media During Union Organizing to Connect with Employees

In fact, this is an important reason why organizations can use social media during union organizing at their workplace. Employees use technology to watch pre-recorded webinars and videos at their convenience....

Union Campaign Communication, UP: Responding

The Ultimate Guide to Website Maintenance During a Union Organizing Campaign

The reality is a company must continue operations while also now devoting resources to the union organizing campaign. For practical reasons, many employers choose to let the experts, like those at Union Proof (a Projections, Inc. resource), do the we...

Union Avoidance Training, Union Campaign Communication, UP: Responding

How Do I (Legally) Find Out if Employees are Talking to Union Representatives?

But what if it's intuition through experience creating the suspicion? What can you do to find out if your employees are talking to union representatives or considering approaching a union? We'll discuss your options....

Labor Law, Union Campaign Communication

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