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millennial mindset

3 Tips to Successfully Embrace the “Millennial” Mindset

What are Millennials looking for in this stage of their careers? How can their needs be integrated with those of the next generation?

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how company culture affects turnover

How Company Culture Affects Employee Turnover

This has many leaders questioning how company culture affects turnover rates and what they can do to strengthen culture and boost employee retention. We’ll cover some of the most important pieces of company culture that your workplace should focus on to take control of employee turnover.

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why your company needs harassment prevention training

Why Your Company Needs Harassment Prevention Training (Even If the Law Doesn’t Require It!)

The bottom line is that your company needs harassment prevention training. Training will help your organization avoid situations that will potentially cost you money and negatively impact your employees.

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four tips for hiring a talented HR director

4 Tips for Hiring a Talented Human Resource Director

Hiring the right Human Resource Director is not an easy task. You must identify and find someone who can handle a wide range of personalities and is suited to act wisely when lives and careers are at stake. You should find a leader who can be a great team player, as well.

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what's the best harassment prevention training

What’s the Best Harassment Prevention Training?

Knowing the best harassment prevention training for your company and your culture can be difficult. Here’s a no-holds-barred comparison of the top harassment prevention training programs, including everything you need to create a respectful workplace.

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Meaningful Work Your Employees' Search For Fulfillment from Projections

Meaningful Work: Your Employees’ Search for Fulfillment

Employee engagement is frequently discussed, but what exactly does the term “meaningful work” mean? Your employees must believe their work has significance in some way.

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What Does It Mean To Be An Employer Of Choice from Projections Inc

What Does It Mean To Be An Employer of Choice?

Being an employer of choice is about more than just making a “top employers” list. These are the ways companies can set themselves apart.

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How To Create A Positive Employee Experience from Projections, Inc.

How to Create a Positive Employee Experience

With a few simple adjustments, you can create a positive employee experience. Transform your working environment into a positive culture of collaboration, wellness, and pride.

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Harassment Prevention Training from Projections, Inc.

New Harassment Prevention Training: What You Need to Know

Harassment prevention training is something that every organization must make a top priority. What works and should be included is changing rapidly. Here’s what you need to know in 2019.

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Why Your Harassment Prevention Training Is Failing from Projections, Inc.

Why Your Harassment Prevention Training Is Failing You (And What To Do About It)

Harassment prevention training programs are so essential for your company. Employees must be made aware of the law and their responsibilities within the workplace.

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