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The Different Types of Harassment from Projections, Inc.

What Are The Different Types of Harassment?

How can you foster a workplace where employees feel safe and valued? You can start by making sure you’re aware of the most common types of harassment in the workplace so you can easily identify and eliminate this problem.

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Using Social Media To Incentivize Employees from Projections, Inc.

Using Social Media To Incentivize Employees

Social media is no longer just for making friends online. Use social media to incentivize employees after you recruit them!

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Generation X: The Workforce's Neglected Middle Child - from Projections, Inc.

Generation X: The Workforce’s Neglected Middle Child

In the past decade, media and HR departments have focused on the incoming wave of Millennials and the outgoing Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, Generation X workers have gone largely overlooked. Currently in the majority of leadership roles globally, Gen Xers are the ones changing the nature of work. This examines the under-appreciated impact of this generation […]

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Improve Employee Engagement With These 5 Types of Videos

Videos are among the most effective communication tools in existence to improve employee engagement. They grab and hold people’s attention, and they’re often very memorable. Even videos with weak production values can have high entertainment and engagement value. It’s no wonder that so many companies use videos to train staff members and share information. And […]

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Understanding Ethics

Understanding Ethics: Does Employee Age Matter?

With employee perspectives on ethics shaped by very different sets of life experiences, it has never been more important for employers to engage employees across the generations. Baby boomer and millennial employees can understand common goals, even the company’s mission and vision, but understanding ethics can be an entirely different challenge. Understanding ethics means making […]

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employee communication and digital marketing

Shouting into the Void: Employee Communication and Digital Marketing

There are 287 million internet users in the United States. It’s safe to say, then, that most people, if not everyone, in your organization use the internet on a regular basis. As your employees spend more of their time online, you have more opportunities for engagement. Now you can use the same techniques digital marketers use […]

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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media for Recruiting

With all of the online options available to job seekers today, human resources departments have to be strategic when posting available positions. Recruiters often think to look for candidates on employment sites, their own company websites and even local community job boards, and up to 70% of recruiters are now utilizing social media. So why […]

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