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Change Management In An Era of Mergers & Acquisitions

Sheri Browning and Jay Kuhns discuss change management during a period of mergers and acquisitions. Listen now to their expert insight and strategy!...

Managing Organizational Change

The Human Side of Change: Impacts on People and Organizations

Change is a constant force in life, impacting emotions and productivity. Acknowledge emotions, maintain a positive mindset, seek support, and be patient for successful transitions....

Managing Organizational Change

Mastering Leadership Transitions: A Framework for Success in the First Three Months

Master the art of leadership transitions in your first three months with these proven strategies for success....

Managing Organizational Change

Managing Yourself In Times of Change

Learn how to manage others by managing yourself first. Navigate emotions, engage your team, and drive successful transformations....

Managing Organizational Change

Make Your Return-to-Office Decision Work for You

Table Of Contents 1Pressure Test Your Return-to-Office Plan2The Do’s and Don’ts of a Return-to-Office Policy2.1DO2.2DON’T One of the hottest topics in workplaces today is how to announce changes in remote work policies and set clear expectation...

Connected Employees, Managing Organizational Change

Get the Most Out of Employee Self-Evaluations

Managers can work with their team members to help them do an employee self-evaluation as an important addition to their performance review. This can provide honest insights for both the manager and employee while allowing employees to have more of a ...

Build Authentic Leaders, Managing Organizational Change

Resistance to Organizational Change

It can be hard to overcome resistance to organizational change in your business, but there are steps you and your leaders can take to help lessen the blow to your employees and help manage change seamlessly....

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