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Get the Most Out of Employee Self-Evaluations

Managers can work with their team members to help them do an employee self-evaluation as an important addition to their performance review. This can provide honest insights for both the manager and employee while allowing employees to have more of a ...

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Why Should My Leaders Adopt a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is needed to excel in today's business environment. In the following post, we consider the various aspects of fixed and growth mindsets and the importance of a growth mindset to good leadership....

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Discover Your Swagger By Becoming Your Authentic Self

Leslie Ehm, President and Chief Fire Starter at Combustion Training, joins ProjectHR to help us become our authentic self and unleash our "swagger."...

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Motivate Your Team With Empathetic Leadership

Table Of Contents 1The Power of Authentic Leadership2Practicing Empathetic Leadership2.1Aim for flexibility 2.2Provide unconditional support2.3Create communication channels and internal support groups2.4Organize interesting empathy-building acti...

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Lead with Transparency: Examples of Authentic Leadership

Table Of Contents 1Building a Culture of Transparency2Leading With Transparency Examples3Leading With Empathy Examples Truly authentic leaders can lead with transparency and empathy. They are capable of adapting their leadership style. They are skill...

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Can you be TOO Authentic?

Authenticity is a hallmark quality of a good leader - but can you be too authentic? How much transparency is too much? Read more to find out....

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