Company Culture: Siobhan McHale

company culture transformation with siobhan mchale

On this episode, we talk with company culture expert Siobhan McHale, author of  "The Insider's Guide to Culture Change: Creating a Workplace That Delivers, Grows and Adapts". Here, McHale demystifies culture transformation and helps leader navigate the path to positive change!

We Discuss The Following Topics About Company Culture:

  • The importance of culture and how culture is one of the least understood topics in the workforce.
  • The importance of culture change and how culture can apply to any aspect of how a business functions.
  • Common pitfalls of culture change like focusing on personalities instead of roles within a company.
  • Her book titled, "The Insider's Guide To Culture Change - Creating a
    Workplace The Delivers, Grows and Adapts”.
  • Culture transformations - are culture set in stone?
  • The benefits of an adaptable culture.
  • And more!
Sibohan McHale quote

Sibohan McHale


"Culture is your ultimate source of competitive advantage."

Company Culture Podcast Companion Guide

For more information on company culture, check out this article, "How Company Culture Affects Turnover."

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