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Best Practices in Employee Relations: Hopkins Manufacturing

In this episode, we continue our look into positive employee relations in manufacturing with Barrie Green, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation....

Positive Employee Relations

The Intersection of Manufacturing, Safety and HR

Employee occupational safety is always top of mind for HR professionals, and Brad Kramer of Provenio Consulting joins us to explain how caring for the wellbeing and safety of employees benefits not only the employees, but the business as a whole!...

Employer of Choice, Positive Employee Relations

Talent Acquisition Trends for 2023 & Beyond

Head of Research at Korn Ferry Institute Tessa Misiaszek joins us to discuss the seven talent acquisition trends of 2023!...

New-Hire Onboarding, Team Building

Creative Together: A New Framework for Collaborative Innovation

Steven Kowalski, author of Creative Together: Sparking Innovation in the New World of Work!, explains the difference between creativity and innovation and how leaders can help foster both within their teams!...

Employer of Choice, Team Building

Building Culture and Connection Within Remote and Hybrid Teams

James Simmons, founder of the culture and teambuilding platform heyLIME, explains how unique social experiences can improve remote work culture....

Team Building

Winning with Underdogs: How Often-Overlooked Candidates Benefit Business

Gil Winch, author and Founder of CY, joins us to explain why marginalized job candidates are so often chronically overlooked in the job market....

Employee Training Resources, New-Hire Onboarding

Artificial Intelligence and Job Interviews: Is the AI Tech Ready?

Joined by Hilke Schellmann, we learn how AI job interviews are typically conducted and how AI hiring could benefit employers and candidates alike....

Employee Communication, New-Hire Onboarding

The Rise of the Chief Wellness Officer

Today we are once again joined by Kathryn Mayer, the Benefits and Compensation Editor for SHRM, and she'll discuss the growing role of the Chief Wellness Officer....

Positive Employee Relations

What the Midterms Mean for the NLRB

The Midterm election's impact on labor is something that cannot be overlooked; Scott Purvis, COO for IRI Consultants Is here to discuss....

Labor Law

Coaching for Performance and Development

On today's episode, we tap into Marcey Uday-Riley's expertise on the difference between coaching for performance and coaching for development....

Leadership Training

Labor Strategy and The Starbucks Effect: Learning from the Starbucks Union Campaigns

We’re joined by Franklin Coley, Partner at Align Public Strategies, to discuss the recent happenings with the Starbucks Union....

Union Avoidance Training

Independent Unions & The Rise of Employee-Led Organizing

Discover what inspired this recent interest in independent labor unions and why these unions are often not as independent as they may seem....

Positive Employee Relations, Prevent Union Organizing

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