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From Crisis Response to New Standard: Optimizing Remote & Hybrid Workplans

ProjectHR welcomes Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting, to talk about how companies can sustain and support the use of remote work models as part of the new way forward....

Team Building

Creating A Customized Professional Development Program

The Career Toolkit author Mark Herschberg joins ProjectHR to explain how to create a custom professional development program that can improve ROI and engagement...

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Welcome Back: New Workplace Realities and the Evolved Manager

Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research at Gartner, joins ProjectHR to explore how COVID-19 has changed the way we manage and prep us for the future of workplace management....

Authentic Leadership, Leadership Training

Brand Storytelling: How to Connect and Communicate Through Magnetic Stories

Gabrielle Dolan joins ProjectHR to discuss the concept of Brand Storytelling - crafting a narrative that connects you with your customers and employees on the basis of shared values....

Authentic Leadership, Employee Communication

Learning Development: The Hype About HiPos

Vibhas Ratanjee, a Senior Practice Expert at Gallup, details the value of high potential employee (HiPo) programs and how they can advance learning and improve ROI....

Leadership Training

Customer Experience Conversations: The Morning Huddle

David Avrin joins us to discuss his new book, the role of conversation in creating positive customer experience, and the benefits of frequent morning huddles....

Leadership Training, Team Building

I’m Not Done: Addressing Workplace Ageism

Patti Temple Rocks, Author of "I'm Not Done, It's Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace," explains what workplace ageism looks like, how to combat it, and the value of a diverse, multi-generational workforce....

Corporate Compliance, Positive Employee Relations

How Conversational Marketing Principles Can Be Applied to Recruitment

Mike Seidle, CEO & Co-Founder of WorkHere, shares how conversational recruiting tools help produce better results than a traditional qualification process....

New-Hire Onboarding

Leveraging Social Media in the Recruitment Process

Bianca Lager, President of Social Intelligence shares with us how we can all leverage social media in the recruitment process....

Employee Communication

Rediscovering Recess: The Power of Play

Joining ProjectHR is Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play, an organization designed to help professionals use the power of play to become more creative, more confident, and to develop deeper relationships with their teams and their clients....

Disengaged Employees, Team Building

Getting Over “I Got It”

Elayne Fluker shares how to build networks, make meaningful connections, and achieve your dreams through the power of asking for help....

Employee Communication, Team Building

Today’s “Must-Have” Employee Benefit: Financial Wellness

Liz Davidson, CEO and Founder of Financial Finesse, joins us to discuss the importance of financial wellness for your employees....

Employee Training Resources

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