“What’s Your Problem?”: Reframing the Approach to Problem Solving (Guest: Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg)

How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Episode 1.31: Problem solving skills are an important part of successful decision-making -- and yet, they're skills that are rarely formally taught. We spend a significant amount of time, money and resources trying to find the best solutions to our problems -- but could we be doing it better? Is it possible that we might improve our outcomes with a different approach? On this episode of ProjectHR, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg explains that our biggest challenge might not be in finding better solutions, but rather in better defining the problems we face. Here, you'll learn:

• How to improve problem solving skills with the concept of "reframing";

• The value of rethinking goals;

• How "examining the bright spots" can lead you to success; and

The ways self-reflection as well as viewing your problem from other peoples' perspectives can make a difference.

How To Improve Problem Solving Skills


Wedell- Wedellsborg

   Problem Solving Expert

“We waste significant levels of resources, time, money, energy, by often barking up the wrong trees or solving the wrong problem. Problem solving is clearly a critical skill, but it's one that we regrettably don't think about much. We teach people problem solving. We don't teach them to frame the right problems.”


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