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Episode 1.17: 
In any crisis situation, employers have to consider not only what to say to employees but when. Add to those elements the subtle nuances of language and delivery and employers end up not communicating at all. As we face the current Pandemic and the dual impact of health and financial concerns together, American companies are looking for guidance in their employee-facing messages. What should the goals of employee communication be right now? How can we humanize our messaging and make sure it's relevant (and not redundant)?  Helping with this challenge is Projections' COO, Jennifer Orechwa our guest for this week's episode of ProjectHR.

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  • What to communicate with employees, and when;
  • How to be authentic and empathetic during times of uncertainty;
  • What employers should NOT be saying to employees now; and
  • Tools and resources for crafting and delivering these vital messages.
Jennifer Orechwa

Jennifer Orechwa

COO, Projections

“Empathize with your employees, because knowing that you’re vulnerable and are still staying positive can give your team the confidence to pull through the crisis, building trust in the process.” 

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