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Today’s episode asks the question: how does technology impact the work we do in HR? If we, as HR professionals, were to embrace all the opportunities presented to us by technology, would it help us deliver the best HR possible? More to the point, could it influence our people, our workplaces, or even our world? We are joined today by Enrique Rubio, the Founder of Hacking HR, a global community of HR and business leaders who believe that HR can be a trailblazer, guiding people and organizations to thrive in the new world of work. Here, he explains:

  • The disconnect between HR and technology;
  • The potential benefit of tech to HR's ability to positively influence the people we serve ;
  • Common barriers to the full embrace of technology within HR; and
  • How developing a sense of community within our industry can help!

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The Disconnect Between HR & Technology

  • In his experience in both the fields of technology and HR, Mr. Rubio has noticed that there has been a distinct disconnect between the two.
  • The most influential driver of change in today’s society is the advancement of technology.
  • HR practices are out-of-date and even ineffective due to the slow pace at which the industry embraces change.
  • HR technology is crucial to the advancement of the industry, and Mr. Rubio is passionate about encouraging and helping organizations to adapt to the changing technological landscape and apply those changes to their HR efforts.
  • Lack of resources or funding can both be significant barriers to change, but in the world of HR technology, our own mindset can often be our biggest barrier.
  • Technology brings new dimensions to HR and allows for greater efficiency and higher levels of productivity and effectiveness.
  • HR professionals have the potential to be trailblazers in the workplace by utilizing the different HR technology resources available.


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HR’s Potential Impact

  • On average, one HR Professional serves 200-300 people within their organization (and sometimes, that number can be as high as 600) -- which means that HR Professionals have the power to impact the lives of hundreds of people.
  • By delivering a great human experience at work and ensuring that employees find fulfillment, happiness, and purpose at work, HR professionals can have a massive impact on people’s everyday lives, both within and outside of work.
  • Organizational design and organizational culture play a vital role in the impact HR can have on employee’s lives, and HR technology can help HR Professionals to improve that design and culture.

A Sense Of Community

  • Humans are social beings, and thus, we all crave a sense of community.
  • The past 18 months through the pandemic have been difficult due to the lack of physical connection, but technology is such a staple of society due to that desire for connection. This is no different when it comes to HR technology.
    • From one HR Professional to the next, connecting with one another to share what works and what doesn’t for individual organizations compared to others is an important factor in creating the best workplace possible.

Hacking HR

  • Mr. Rubio founded Hacking HR after observing the potential for growth within the industry by utilizing modern technological advancements.
  • Hacking HR is a community geared toward innovation, collaboration, and advancement within the HR industry.
  • Hacking HR holds numerous events throughout the year, but when these events first began in 2017, they were smaller and only held in select cities.
  • The goal behind these events was to allow HR Professionals to connect locally, but then have a platform to remain connected in the future after the event.
  • When the pandemic hit, these events moved from in-person to online, including the Hacking HR Global Online Conference.
    • The event has grown since the first iteration in 2020 and Mr. Rubio is hoping for between 40,000-50,000 participants and over 600 speakers in 2022.
    • The event will also be completely free in 2022.

The Hacking HR Lab

  • The Hacking HR Lab is a HR technology platform that focuses on the social aspect of the community.
    • This platform is exclusively dedicated to HR Professionals.
  • The platform was launched at the start of 2021, and even though it is still very young, the platform features hundreds of learning videos, podcasts, and bits of information on how to advance your HR department.
  • The 2022 Hacking HR Global Online Conference will also be held exclusively on the platform. 
  • The goal is for the Hacking HR Lab to become the preferred HR technology platform for HR Professionals to connect, collaborate, and find community within.

The Hacking HR Podcast

  • Hacking HR also has a daily podcast that runs about 15 minutes in length.
  • The podcast is just over a year old, meaning they are over 300 episodes in.
  • All of the episodes are located within the Hacking HR Lab platform and are organized by knowledge area as opposed to chronologically.
    • This way, listeners can easily find the episodes that are on topics that are timely and relevant to them.

Enrique Rubio Background

  • Graduated from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela with a concentration in Electronic Engineering
  • Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) from Syracuse University
  • Mr. Rubio has worked in HR technology for over 20 years, working to help organizations digitize their HR departments and create a better work future.
  • He is the Founder of Hacking HR, a global learning community of HR and business leaders, HR practitioners, vendors, consultants, and everyone else interested in learning, sharing, collaborating and advancing the HR profession.


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