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In the last few years, Human Resources has seen an onslaught of emerging HR software developments, each designed to help us handle our new and disrupted normal. Keeping up with the latest HR software trends, especially in our current environment, can be a challenge – and so today we’ll be talking with Phil Strazzulla, Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews. Here, he explains:

  • The recent boom in software development;
  • How these new choices offer new solutions to company pain-points;
  • What the most popular HR and recruiting software categories are today; and
  • What to look for when evaluating software options!

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Innovation of HR Software Development

  • There has been a boom in B2B HR software because of how easy they are to build and a massive adoption of the tools. 
    • This gained the attention of investors, who have put more money into HR software development 
    • With more innovation, many more companies have started using these softwares.
  • The pandemic changed the landscape of how companies use technology
    • Many companies started to focus on talent acquisition, skills assessments, and sourcing which revolutionized HR management softwares.
    • Additionally, there was a huge increase in the need for more technology for virtual career fairs, remote work, and video interviews and calls.
    • Now, companies are thinking about automation and how to leverage HR software throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • There are thousands of types of softwares and solutions which can be applied to different elements in the candidate and employee experience.
    • Employers can build frameworks to enhance employee engagement, applicant tracking, onboarding, and more


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Choice = Solutions!

  • This influx of HR management software has made the corporate ecosystem seemingly more intimidating for HR professionals because there are an overwhelming number of choices - but those choices have added a wealth of new solutions. 
  • High performing companies are being thoughtful about their software purchases, now that software solutions are available that address specific pain-points in their operations, such as:
    • Interview scheduling;
    • Candidate-interview matching; and
    • Real-time coaching feedback for interviews
  • It’s important to adapt HR management software to be able to keep up with the rest of the corporate world. Technology is more and more ingrained into the way we work, and it’s important for HR departments to leverage data and technology to bring in the next phase of human resources.

Trends in HR Software and Recruiting

  • The SelectSoftware Review team tracks the most popular HR and recruiting software categories, and updates it on a quarterly basis. At the time of this recording, those most popular categories are:
    • Applicant Tracking Software
    • AI Recruiting & HR Chatbots
    • Video Interview Platforms
    • Employee Rewards and Recognition
    • Virtual Career Fairs
  • HR experts are looking towards new kinds of Applicant Tracking Software, and being able to do multiple onboarding tasks in one platform.
    • There are also HR software to help recruitment teams have more internal optimization and keep applicants in the talent pool, even if they don’t get a certain position. This type of technology boosts the employer's brand and saves recruiters more time down the line
  • It can also be beneficial to create a more applicant-friendly experience by developing mobile optimized career sites.
  • AI Recruiting is another advancement in HR management softwares being used by companies to cut down on the tediousness of recruiting and create automated solutions.
    • Additionally, the use of HR chatbots, along with making recruitment more mobile friendly, can be useful for high volume recruiting. 
      • It’s easy to train a chatbot to answer questions with high accuracy and completion about prospective candidates.
      • These chatbots can allow recruiter and hiring managers to be better, faster, and smarter about how they hire.
  • Video Interviewing has advanced in recent years, and the newness is in its simplicity, using speed integration, UI, and artificial intelligence to pull relevant data.
    • Using AI in recruiting can also eliminate some internal biases when assessing a high volume of candidates. 
    • The demand for video recruiting increased exponentially during the pandemic, and will likely continue to be common in recruiting because of its accessibility and ease.
  • The next generation of Employee Rewards and Recognition are focused on peer-to-peer recognition, and encourage a viral loop in their use. 
    • HR software can be used to recognize and reward people who remain engaged and ideally, rewards would be deployed through programs employees already check on a regular basis.
    • The most important metric of these programs is what percentage of employees log-on on a monthly basis and actually use them.
    • Somewhat of an innovation is that some of these companies are offering much more easily accessible rewards, such as:
      • Gas Debit Cards
      • Big, experiential rewards
        • For example, Drift offers employees $10,000 for engineer referrals, but they give it to them as a trip. That trip inevitably gets posted on the employee’s social media, and that amazing reward ends up publicizing the company and their referral program.  
  • Virtual Career Fairs have been around forever, but their use exploded during COVID.
    • Great for high-volume recruiting
    • Allows you to reach into different demographics
    • Virtual fairs allow you to partner with organizations, different universities, to expand your reach

SelectSoftware Reviews

  • Mr. Strazzulla founded SelectSoftware Reviews because he wanted to provide guidance for companies who have so much technology on their hands, and wanted to teach them how to maximize it by providing in-depth and actionable data.
  • SelectSoftware Reviews uses a rubric to assess the financial profile of a company, and based on that analysis, SSR provides solutions to improving and implementing new software and programs.
  • SSR looks at tracking systems, crowd review websites, and other metrics to provide succinct solutions that are reasonable for businesses.

Phil Strazzulla Background

  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • BS in Finance and International Business from New York University
  • Began his career as a Banking Analyst and Venture Capitalist
  • Helped launch the TaskRabbit new deliveries business
  • Founded NextWave Hire and served as Chairperson
  • Mr. Strazzulla served as a Board Member for the Northeast HR Association
  • He currently serves as the Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews.


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